How to Win Hearts and Minds? The Political Sociology of the Support for Suicide Bombing. Presented by Dr Giacomo Chiozza

Dr Giacomo Chiozza visited the University of Exeter on Thursday 25 November 2010.  As part of his visit he gave an ELECDEM project sponsored seminar on his research.  The seminar was similar in style to other ELECDEM seminars where invited speakers discuss their approach to a particular question that starts with the initial idea for the research through to the publication stage.

For this particular seminar, Dr Chiozza presented his current research on the whether 'affection and popular approval trump fear and self-interest in the promotion of the security of US soldiers in Iraq.'  Methodologically, he demonstrated a Classification and Regression Tree (CART) model that allows for 'a parsimonious identification of non-linear effects in the data.'  A copy of the paper discussed can be viewed here: How to Win Hearts and Minds? (PDF 396KB)

Giacomo Chiozza, completed his PhD at Duke University in 2004.  He is an expert on public opinion and the study of attitudes towards U.S. power and the study of political leaders in conflict processes. He is the author of Anti-Americanism and the American World Order (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009). His most recent book, Leaders and International Conflict, co-authored with H.E. Goemans, is forthcoming with Cambridge University Press. Before joining Vanderbilt University, he was a faculty member in the Department of Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley; and earlier, a post-doctoral fellow at the Olin Institute for Strategic Studies at Harvard University. In 2008-09 he served as a member of the American Political Science Association Presidential Task Force on U.S. Standing in World Politics. In addition to his books, Dr Chiozza has published in the American Journal of Political Science, European Journal of International Relations, Journal of Peace Research and Journal of Conflict Resolution (amongs others).

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