The Genetics of Political Behaviour. Presented by A/Prof Peter Hatemi

A/Prof Peter Hatemi, University of Iowa visited the University of Exeter in September to attend the EPOP 2011 conference.  During his visit he gave an ELECDEM project sponsored seminar on his research.  The seminar focused on 'The Genetics of Political Behaviour'.


The seminar was held between 13:15 - 15:15 on Saturday 10 September and was open to both ELECDEM researchers and external participants.  

Please follow the link for further details on A/Prof Peter Hatemi and his research interests.

Advanced reading materials

A Genome-Wide Analysis of Liberal and Conservative Political Attitudes

A Neurobiological Approach to Foreign Policy Analysis

Fear Dispositions and their Relationship to Political Preferences

Genetic and Neurocognitive Approaches for Comparative Politics

Integrating Social Science and Genetics: News from the Political Front

Political Attitudes Vary with Physiological Traits

The Normative Implications of Biological Research

The Politics of Mate Choice


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