Multi-level training session presented by Prof Trevor Bailey

Training session on multi-level modelling.  The event was held in Exeter on the afternoon of Thursday 26 and the morning of Friday 27 July at the Globe in Topsham.

Thursday 26 July

Trevor Bailey, Theodoros Economou  - Baysian Approaches to Data Analysis

Dan Stevens - Presentation 1

Friday 27 July

Gabriel Katz - Presentation 2

Susan Banducci - Presentation 3

Professor Bailey joined the University of Exeter in the late 1980's from the Australian Graduate School of Management, University of New South Wales, Australia. His research interests are in spatial statistics (particularly: spatial epidemiology, spatial modelling, multivariate spatial methods) and also in applied statistical modelling more generally. Much of his research has been collaborative involving academics and professionals from a variety of different fields including health care, geography, computer science, behavioural science, commercial organisations and government agencies. He receives regular invitations to speak at specialist meetings both in the UK and overseas and has given short courses or seminar series on various statistical topics at Universities in Portugal, Brazil, Finland and Australia. He is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and of the Higher Education Academy and a Chartered Statistician.  For more information on Prof Bailey.

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