Workshop in Electoral Survey Design

Session 1: Trade-offs in Electoral Survey Research - panel discussion


Session 2: Election Studies in Perspective

Lessons Learned About What Voters Know and Their Implications for Voter Decision Making


Session 3: Cross-Cultural Surveys

Operationalising Concepts in Cross-National Research


Session 4: Approaches to Multi-level Analysis


Session 5: Election Campaign Studies

Generally Speaking .... what do you believe about survey research?


Session 6: Managing Large Scale, Multi-country Data Sets

Data control in multi-country surveys

Large Cross-national Data sets: Analysing Media Effects


Session 7: Multi-level Analysis practical session Undertaking ML analysis in STATA and/or MLWin

  • Laurie Beaudonnet, European University Institute
  • Susan Banducci, University of Exeter
  • Georgios Xezonakis, University of Exeter


Session 8: Gender, Electoral Research and Survey Design

The Gender Gap and Beyond

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