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The University of Exeter require a valid Purchase Order  (PO)  number to be included on all invoices received. This expedites the invoice processing by way of automatic system match which in turn enables the finance team to make payment promptly.

A valid PO number must be clearly stated on all invoices and this invoice should be sent in PDF format to The University no longer accepts paper invoices via post. If an invoice is received without a valid PO number referenced, it will be rejected and the supplier will be notified via email. Within the email, we will advise the supplier to liaise with the member of staff who originally requested the goods or services to request a valid PO reference.

Staff members are expected to raise a requisition for any purchases which will in turn create a PO when approved. This PO is then automatically sent to the supplier via the email address we have stored in T1. Our training website contains information about PO's including requisitions and goods receipting.

These forms are for requesting ad-hoc payments to staff, students, external visitors or organisations where no other payment process is appropriate.

All forms should be completed by the requestor, emailed to the budget holder for approval then emailed to by the budget holder.  Accounts Payable require 3 working days to process forms and they will be included in the next payment run (every Wednesday).


The UK GBP Payment Request Form should be used for payments to a UK beneficiary in GBP:

UK GBP Payment Request Form

T‌he International Payment Request Form should be used for payments to an international beneficiary or payments in a currency other than GBP:

International Payment Request Form

*Please note, international payments can take 10-15 days to reach the recipient, dependent on the number of intermediary banks and the global location of the supplier.

‌Participant Payments are a contribution to cover a participants out of pocket expenses and compensation for time spent. If participants are to claim for their actual expenses instead, they should use the External Payment Request form and supply receipts as usual.

Please see Participation Payments to Research Volunteers for more information.

For experiments that require reimbursement of multiple individuals (8 or more individual claims):

For an individual reimbursement by electronic payment:

The standard payment runs are processed on Wednesdays with the exception of the payment of student scholarships which are processed on a Tuesday. Standard payment runs are processed and submitted at 09.00.

Invoices must be matched and processed by 17.00 Tuesday to be included in the Wednesday payment run.

If you require an urgent payment outside of the standard weekly payment run, please submit a Faster Payment Request form through T1. All Faster Payment Requests will be reviewed by the Head of Financial Operations and, if approved, will be processed within 24 hours of the request being submitted. Please note that this should only be requested in exceptional circumstances.

If you wish to send a payment to the University for any reason i.e. an expense overpayment you have received, please contact to request the University bank details and advise them on the repayment. The Accounts Payable team will also advise the reference that should be stated on the bank transfer.

In exceptional circumstances, you can request a faster payment through T1. This should be used to request that something is paid outwith the standard weekly payment run and this will incur a £10 fee to the budget code.

To make this request, please complete the 'AP Faster Payment Request' form within T1. If this is approved by the Head of Financial Operations, Accounts Payable will endeavour to process the payment to reach the beneficiary by the 'Date Payment Required' listed. The cut off time for a same day faster payment request is 14.00.

Please note that the invoice or form that is to be paid must be processed in T1 prior to the faster payment request form being submitted. Please ensure that the reason given for the faster payment request clearly states why it is required sooner than standard process as this is required to facilitate approval.

If you wish to pay something earlier than the due date in the system but to be included in a standard payment run, please email with the reason for earlier payment and ask the team to update the due date in the system.

Any queries on faster payments should be sent to