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Funding FAQs

Funding FAQs 

I have a project idea and would like to apply for Global Partnerships funding via one of the available schemes, who do I need to talk to?

If you would like to apply to any of the Global Partnerships funding schemes, please first take the time to read the call guidance notes carefully to ensure that your proposal fits the funding scheme aims and objectives. Following this, please then contact your Global Partnerships Business Partner and faculty APVC Global to a) register your interest / intention to apply and b) to ensure that your proposal is in good alignment with both faculty and university level global strategic plans.

Business Partner Dr Emma Clarke Charlotte Elson Steve Bassett Nick Chavasse Emma McFadyen Rachel Jones
Associate Dean Global Prof Krasi Tsaneva-Atanasova Prof Jo Bowtell Prof Melissa Percival

Prof Li Li

Prof G.J. Melendez-Torres Prof Bill Peng

Salaries / staff costs – what can I claim?
Global Partnerships funding is not intended to support the (PI) salaries of academic faculty members on full time permanent contracts, nor as a “top-up fund” to an existing salary.

Occasionally, and only when expressly specified in the call guidance notes, Global Partnerships funding opportunities may extend to cover the staff costs of post-doctoral researchers and / or research / teaching technicians and assistants.

So what can I claim funding for?
Global Partnerships funding can be used to cover costs relating to travel & subsistence, workshops (venue & catering), consumables, and some small equipment costs (not including computer workstations), all directly incurred by the proposed project.

Can I request IT equipment as part of my proposal?
No, the purchase of computer equipment (desktops and laptops etc.) does not qualify as an eligible cost.

Can I request publication costs as part of my proposal?
No, publication costs are not considered eligible for Global Partnerships funding. Instead, please follow this link for information on how to pay for open access publication costs.

I’m an Early Career Researcher, can I apply for Global Partnerships funding?
We welcome applications from early career researchers (unless otherwise specified in the call guidance notes). Please note though, that in order to be considered eligible for funding, you must be employed / have a current contract with the University of Exeter for the full life time of the proposed project and for at least 12 months from the end date of the proposed project.

Do I need to log my project proposal in T1 (Add a New Idea)?
No, you do not need to log your project proposal idea in T1.

How should I cost my proposal?
Global Partnerships funding is categorized as internal funding and as such, it is not deemed time efficient for Research Services to get involved with the costing of these projects. Instead, we encourage you to determine and provide realistic and sensible estimates for your project costs. For help and guidance on obtaining these estimates please click here.

How do I arrange travel for my partner institution?
There are two ways to arrange travel for partner institutions:

  1. Book the travel directly on behalf of your visiting colleagues.
  2. Your partner colleagues book and pay (up-front) their own travel and then you reimburse them using the external payment request form (accompanied by the foreign payment request form, for those with non-UK bank accounts).

How do I transfer funds to my partner institution?
Please complete the University of Exeter internal payment request form. As necessary, please also complete the foreign payment request form. The completed form(s) should be emailed to the budget holder for approval, and then forwarded by the budget holder to for processing.