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Why academics work with external partners

Case studies

Exeter academics talk about their experiences working with external partners.

Working with external partners

Exeter academics explain what surprised them about working with external partners.

Before you begin

Discover what some Exeter academics wish they knew before they started their projects.

Ensuring exciting impact

Find out what some Exeter academics feel could have been done ensure their project had exciting impact?

Academic case studies

Dr Laura Phillips

Dr Laura Phillips, Business School

Ian Bateman

Professor Ian Bateman, Business School

Ana Beduschi

Dr Ana Beduschi, College of Social Sciences and International Studies

Nicola Thomas

Dr Nicola Thomas, College of Life and Environmental Sciences

Sam Vine

Dr Sam Vine, College of Life and Environmental Sciences

Chris Smith

Professor Chris Smith, College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Tim Frayling

Professor Tim Frayling, Medical School

Fabrizio Nevola

Dr Fabrizio Nevola, College of Humanities