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Inclusion Groups

Inclusion Groups

University Inclusion Group

The University Inclusion Group meets once a term and is chaired by Linda Peka, Deputy Registrar and Chief College Operations Officer, and reports directly to Council through the Dual Assurance framework for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. The University Inclusion Group's remit covers all nine protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010.

The membership includes Inclusion Representatives from Colleges and Professional Services and other key individuals such as representatives from the Chaplaincy, the Students' Union in Cornwall and the Students' Guild in Exeter.

The University Inclusion Group is also supported by the Faith and Belief Group (Chaired by the Multifaith Chaplaincy Coordinator for Streatham and St. Luke’s campuses, Ramona Nash) and Cornwall’s Multifaith Chaplaincy (led by the Co-Ordinating Chaplain on the Cornwall campuses, Becky Nesbitt).

EDI Exec Lead and Chair  Linda Peka
College Inclusion Rep – SSIS  Helen Knowler
College Inclusion Rep – HUMS Laura Sangha
College Inclusion Rep – CEMPS Mark Baldwin
College Inclusion Rep – CMH  Reza Zamani
College Inclusion Rep – CLES Sharon Dixon
College Inclusion Rep – UEBS Clare Lavers
Chaplaincy Rep (Exeter) Ramona Nash 
Chaplaincy Rep (Penryn) Becky Nesbitt
SU Rep (Penryn) Allie Guy 
Students’ Guild Rep James Lindsay 
Student Representative  Katie Heard 
Director of Education and Student Support Ian Blenkharn 
EDI Advisors Tom Caro, Beth Pitcher, Rae Preston and Claire Green
Provost Commission Representative  Lizzie Caughey/ Jen Fook 
EDI Manager Dorcas Cowan
Project Support  Shraddha Chaudhary
REG Representative Niema Bohrayba
DEG Chair Craig Nowell 
SOEG Chair Michael Wykes
GEG Chair Jane Chafer
Communications  Garth Davies 
Cornwall Campuses Inclusivity Group David Hosken

College/Professional Service/Campus Inclusion Groups

On behalf of College/PS, the Inclusion Group is chaired by the PVC/Director/DCO or relevant deputy and is responsible for providing leadership and strategic direction in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) matters affecting staff and students.

The purpose the inclusion group is to agree priorities, make decisions, commission work and guide the prioritisation of existing budgets to enable success in relation to EDI. Each group nominates an inclusion representative. Being an Inclusion Representative means:

  • Representing your respective area at termly meetings of the University Inclusion Group
  • Acting as a key channel of communication between your area and the Inclusion Group (raising issues from / reporting back key messages to your area as appropriate)
  • Acting as a first point of contact for any staff or students who need signposting to sources of support e.g. Dignity & Respect Advisors; HR; Guild Advice Unit etc.
College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Mark Baldwin

College of Humanities

Laura Sangha
College of Life and Environmental Sciences Sharon Dixon 

College of Social Sciences and International Studies

Helen Kowler 

University of Exeter Business School

Claire Lavers
College of Medicine and Health Reza Zamani
Cornwall Campuses Inclusion Group David Hosken

Professional Services

Ian Blenkharn

Below is a list of the College/PS/Campus Inclusion Groups. If the group has an Inclusion Group Webpage, you can click on their hyperlink below to be taken to it.

  • College of Humanities
  • College of Social Sciences and International Studies
  • University of Exeter Business School
  • Cornwall Campuses Inclusion Group
  • Professional Services