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Staff Support

We want to make it as safe and easy as possible for you to bring your whole self to work, and be comfortable being who you are in the workplace.

Please click through the headings below to find documents, resources, and information which will help to support you as an LGBTQ+ member of staff at the University of Exeter. For additional queries or support, please contact the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team. 

You can update your personal information (name, gender, sexual orientation) on Trent. You can access Trent via any University computer at a time convenient to you, or via your own computer, tablet or mobile phone.

You can view and update your personal data in the following sections within Trent: 

• ‘Sensitive Information’ in ‘My Details’ or ‘Update your Ethnicity & Diversity info’
• ‘Personal Details’ in ‘My Details’ or ‘Update your Ethnicity & Diversity info’
• ‘HESA details' (for your gender identity) in 'My Employment'

All employee information held by the University is covered by the University’s HR Services Data Protection statement.

Updating your information is important to as it helps the University understand who staff really are. This information informs priorities, initiatives and support to meet staff needs and improve the quality of everyone's working life. 

IT Systems

IT Systems information is fed from Trent. This will allow you to define your Preferred Name for use across most of the University IT systems, for example how your name is displayed within ELE, Emails and the Email Address List.

ID Card

If you have updated your personal information via Trent, you can request to have a new Staff ID Card printed free of charge. Please e-mail to request a new card. Cards are printed with a title, initial and surname, using the data on Trent. Trent offers many options for a Title including Mx and 'no title'. 

Coming out in the workplace can be a very daunting experience for many people. 

The University of Exeter supports all staff to be themselves in the workplace.

It may be useful to speak to another member of staff who is out in the workplace. The LGBTQ+ Staff Network has a number of coordinators who can listen to your concerns and help you approach your colleagues and managers. 

The University has provided a number of documents, including the LGBTQ+ Guidance Document, aimed at managers and colleagues. It may be useful to refer those who work closely with you to this document if you would like them to know additional information about how to support you. 

You may find it helpful to update your e-mail signature with your pronouns, this is an effective way of ensuring that other staff and students use the correct pronouns, and helps other LGBTQ+ people to feel comfortable adding their own pronouns to their e-mail signatures. It can also be helpful to encourage your managers and colleagues to do the same.

It may be useful to read the University's policies and guidance which are in place to support you. 

For additional support please contact the LGBTQ+ Staff Network or the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Team

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team are currently developing a map of accessible and inclusive spaces at The University of Exeter, including a map of gender-inclusive facilities across our campuses. Please keep an eye on this page for updates. 

‌The LGBTQ+ Staff Network exists to offer staff a space to fully express their sexual orientation and/or gender identity without fear of intimidation or harassment. 

The Network is open to all staff and PGR students of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

The Network runs and promotes a number of events, including a monthly Coffee Morning, and Pride on Campus.

Most events are open to all but some may be specifically for those that identify as LGBTQ+.

The network is organised by a group of volunteer coordinators who:

  • act as a point of contact for support for LGBTQ+ Staff. 
  • provide advice and input into the University's inclusivity agenda, training, policies and guidelines
  • represent the Network at the University's Inclusivity Group
  • review survey results that tell us about how we are performing as an LGBT-inclusive workplace, such as the Employee Engagement Survey and Stonewall's Workplace Equality Index
  • work with other LGBTQ+ groups outside the University.

There are also specific roles within the network for areas of support. Please visit the web page for more information or contact

The Trans and Non-binary Café offers a chance to come together with other trans people and discuss whatever you would like. Usually at some point being trans comes up but they believe there’s great value in being with other trans people, having a chance to catch up and talk and make friends with people who share the same sorts of experiences.

To find out more about the Trans and Non-binary Café, click HERE

Exeter has an ever-growing LGBTQ+ community. It may be useful to find support outside of the University environment. 

Local Charities and Support Groups:

The Intercom Trust - An LGBTQ+ charity working across Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, and the wider South West, providing help and support, advocacy, counselling, support groups and information. 

Non-Binary South West - A safe environment where non-binary people across the South West can exchange experiences, share resources, advice and information, and meet other people who know what it's like having a non-binary identity.

Transfigurations - A transgender support group based in the South West of the UK, set up to help all trans people come to terms with their gender identity and provide a safe meeting place whilst they explore their feelings. 

The Eddystone Trust - An independent organisation providing information and support for anyone affected by HIV across the South West. Some services also relate to wider sexual health. Services include pre and post-test discussion, emotional and practical support, counselling etc. 

Local Organisations and Social Groups:

ActiveOut Exeter - A social group for LGBT people and friends in Exeter and the surrounding area to keep fit and healthy.

Devon Lions FC - Devon's first and only advertised LGBT-friendly football club, with members from Exeter and wider Devon. Devon Lions welcome players of all ages, abilities and sexualities.

Exeter Pride - Exeter's LGBTQ+ annual Pride event which takes place in May, with other events happening throughout the year. 

Prism ExeterA network for LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies working and studying in the local Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM) sector.

Spectrum Choir - Devon's first and only advertised choir for LGBTQ+ people and their friends who enjoy singing.