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LGBTQ+ Support for Lecturers & Teachers

As teachers, lecturers, or members of staff with student-facing roles, it is important to be knowledgeable of the ways in which you can support LGBTQ+ students, and create an inclusive learning environment.

Please click through the headings below to find documents, resources, and information which will help to support you. For additional queries or support, please contact the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team. 

Guidance on how to create an LGBTQ+ Inclusive Environment

The Ward-Gale Model was developed by researchers at The University of Birmingham.

The guidance document linked above details some best practice options and gives the advice to support colleagues across higher education to be inclusive about LGBTQ+ identities in their teaching practice and to feel confident in making gender and sexual diversity visible within the curriculum. 

If you or a student you are concerned with are experiencing discrimination, harassment, and/or bullying, please report this as soon as possible and take advantage of the many areas of support that the University offers. 

Dignity and Respect Advisors - a team of trained University and Guild staff who provide a confidential service for those involved in cases of harassment or bullying.

Wellbeing Services - services including psychological therapies (counselling), mental health support, and AccessAbility (disability support). 

Anonymous, Informal, and Formal Reporting - visit the University's Speak Out pages for information on how to report incidents anonymously, informally, or formally. 

Students' Guild Advice Unit - Support on various issues including housing, money, academic concerns, and welfare. 

For further support please contact the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team. 

It is important as a member of staff to not make assumptions about your students. For example, do not assume that your students are straight unless you are told otherwise.

The LGBTQ+ Staff Network provides a number of ways for you to show that you are an active ally at the University. For example, the network provides staff with rainbow lanyards, free of charge, to become visible as an ally. There is also an LGBTQ+ Ally's Network. Joining this network will add you to a distribution list, to receive updates about events and initiatives which support LGBTQ+ people at the University. 

Local Charities and Support Groups

The Intercom Trust - An LGBTQ+ charity working across Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, and the wider South West, providing help and support, advocacy, counselling, support groups and information. 

Non-Binary South West - A safe environment where non-binary people across the South West can exchange experiences, share resources, advice and information, and meet other people who know what it's like having a non-binary identity.

Transfigurations - A transgender support group based in the South West of the UK, set up to help all trans people come to terms with their gender identity and provide a safe meeting place whilst they explore their feelings. 

The Eddystone Trust - An independent organisation providing information and support for anyone affected by HIV across the South West. Some services also relate to wider sexual health. Services include pre and post-test discussion, emotional and practical support, counselling etc.