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Digital Transformation

Our future will be much more user and needs-focused – not just for our students but for staff too. Real insights from our students, members of staff and partners will make us rethink everything, and digital transformation has the potential to reimagine all that we do.

In the last year, we have driven an astonishing level of change in the way we deliver our educational programmes. Student feedback is strong and staff feedback highlights the opportunity to build on this innovation and further enhance our programme delivery and portfolio into the future.

This includes ways in which we can innovate to:

  • develop new portfolio and market offers
  • explore new digital platforms and methods for student recruitment
  • continue to develop our blended delivery
  • enhance our international experience for all students while adhering to our Widening Participation and climate change commitments
  • create opportunities for life-long learning and the development of digital international learning communities
  • develop ideas to embed digital skills across our curricula
  • adapt how we support the way staff work and how they are developed
  • develop how we interact with our global partners for education and research
  • change the culture within the University so our activity sits comfortably in the digital world.

Our digital educational experience provided a valuable foundation that informed our pedagogic approach to responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift to online teaching.

Our response included the rapid rollout of key platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, and the application of educational technologies such as Mural,Mentimeter and Padlet.

Project Enhance was designed to support colleagues across the instituton to transition to blended learning models, giving us flexibility to respond to fast-changing conditions in the external environment.

In May 2020 we successfully delivered 55,000 individual student exam sittings online.

We’ve also supported students and colleagues lacking the necessary digital infrastructure, providing equipment and funds to ensure that all can engage and succeed.

Our recently established Global Enhance programme has been created to accellerate our progress.

Since 2014 we’ve grown our portfolio of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) to 22 courses with more than 250,000 learners from around the globe.

Our MOOCs are delivered in partnership with FutureLearn.

We’ve developed fully online degree programmes, including the MA Education.

We are the Russell Group leader for the provision of Degree Apprenticeships, delivered in partnership with our employers.

Our Degree Apprenticeships incorporate asynchronous, digitally enabled learning opportunities with focused periods of on campus training, alongside on-the-job training.

In 2017, the EdTech Exeter Programme was established in support of our Education Strategy, working to advance digital transformation through the evaluation and implementation of new systems, tools and support for educators.