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Student Teams

Use this page to get quick answers to your questions about how to use Teams as a student.

User Guides

Creating a small group chat in Teams

Creating a Re-occurring Seminar with your Students


Open the Microsoft Teams app and select Calendar from the left hand rail.  In the top right hand corner click on the + New meeting button to create a meeting.

No - Teams can only be set up by staff.

You will receive joining directions from your lecturer. Please check your emails and ELE module pages regularly.

A team is a group of people who either work together in a team, a project, or a common interest.  The team is then made up of channels, each channel could be for a different topic, in the channels you can hold meetings, have conversations and work on files together.

This depends if the seminar organiser (lecturer) decides to record the session.

We’ve enabled Teams for students to enable student-to-student collaboration, online meetings and for you to attend seminars, tutorials, webinars

Ensure that the Teams Desktop Client is installed, Close Outlook and then reload it. The Teams icon should now appear

Open the Teams Web App, Select your Profile Icon in the Top right of the Screen. The drop down should contain “Download the Teams Desktop App”

Select this, it will install and open the Teams Client.

Unfortunately not at this time. Information Governance training would be required.

You should check ELE to see how your lectures and taught lessons will be presented.

No, you can chat and arrange audio/video calls online without needed a team set up.
You can follow some instructions on how to do this here: Creating a group chat for small groups

Teams groups are useful for project teams or professional groups to create a more permanent space to work together, discuss and collaborate, structured around themes or topics.