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Our Digital Transformation at the University of Exeter

Our Digital Transformation is gathering pace as we focus on getting the organisation ready to operate in the digital era. The University’s mission is clear, ‘making the exceptional happen’ and our digital programme demonstrates the decisive steps we’re taking to offer a high-quality digital experience to our students and staff. Our digital transformation isn’t like a big system change, it’s both incremental and cultural. We will exploit the technologies already available to us to give our community the flexibility that they need to work the way they want. We’re working with our world-class research teams to provide them with best-in-class digital tools and we’re also identifying new platforms to enhance the learning experience of our students of today and tomorrow.

We’re improving the infrastructure that underpins our technology. These are enabling, critical projects that directly supports our sovereign and supporting strategies. Our digital projects are front-end user facing products and services that will support:improving student satisfaction, improving teaching quality, increasing research power, enhancing reputation, generating a surplus and produce cost savings.

Strategy and Business Case

You can read the Digital Strategy here (this is the first of a series of strategy documents so be mindful things may have changed since its production). Our digital strategy supports the University’s “Our Strategy 2016 – 2021: Making the Exceptional Happen”. Following this came the preparation of a business case (known as Accelerating the Digital Journey) and that has resulted in the formation of the Digital Programme, which is a collection of projects that will deliver parts of this strategy.


Prof Janice Kay, CBE

Professor Janice Kay CBE, Provost and Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, explains the importance of the Digital Journey to the University of Exeter.

Mike Shore-Nye

Mike Shore-Nye, Registrar and Secretary, tells us how digital will help us with our goal of being a top-ten university.