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Current research

Research within the CaP group is aimed at increasing understanding of wellbeing within families through research.  We have a number of ongoing projects:


Title of study: Netmums: Helping with Postnatal Low Mood (online CBT for postnatal low mood)

Who we are: Heather O'Mahen, Principle Investigator, Esther Wilkinson, Research Associate; Julia Mckinley, Netmums' coordinator.

Aims/Goals: Low Mood in the Postnatal period is common, but accessing appropriate help can be difficult. Caring for an infant and other children can be quite a lot of work, and infant's schedules are often unpredictable. Using the internet to deliver help for low postnatal mood gives mums a flexible and private way to access care. This study is working with Netmums to examine an internet-based Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT) especially designed for mums struggling with low mood during the postnatal period. The program is interactive and supported by care workers.  CBT is an effective treatment for postnatal low mood. We are now looking to see how acceptable and effective CBT for postnatal low mood is when it's delivered on the internet.

Who we are looking for: We are interested in mums who (a) are struggling with low mood, and (b) have a baby who is one year or younger.

What to do if you are interested: This study is no longer accepting additional participants.

Fathers in Focus

Who we are: Lamprini Psychogiou (Principal Investigator), Elizabeth Parry (Research Associate)

Aims/goals: Fathers play an essential role in their children’s lives and previous studies show that children’s behaviour and performance in school is related to their father’s well-being.  Fathers in Focus aims to answer some of the gaps in our knowledge about father's roles and their wellbeing so that we can both support and advise fathers and promote their positive involvement in fatherhood. We are also exploring other things that may impact on father’s well-being and child development, such as mother’s well-being, stresses within the family and parents’ thinking style.

Who are we looking for: We are inviting fathers of children aged 3 - 5 to take part in this study.

What to do if you are interested: This study is no longer accepting additional participants.

An investigation into the impact of thinking style on the mother-infant relationship

Who we are: Michelle Tester (MPhil/PhD student), Heather O'Mahen (Senior Lecturer), Anke Karl (Senior Lecturer)

Aims/goals: It is the aim of this study to examine how mothers' thinking styles affect the relationship that they have with their babies.  We intend to use what we learn from this study to further our understanding of the important role that mother-infant interactions play in a child's development.

Who we are looking for: We are looking for Mums aged 18 to 45 who have given birth in the past 12 months and are currently feeling sad or low.

What to do if you are interested: Please contact Michelle Tester by Email: or by Phone: 07763857149 for more information about the study and how to take part.