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Lived Experience Group


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The purpose of the LEG is to actively encourage a co-operative working relationship between faculty members of the Mood Disorders Centre (MDC) and people with a lived experience of depression or bipolar disorder and supporters of people with these conditions.

Examples of areas in which people with lived experience may work with staff and students are as follows:

Consultation on materials used in research studies, such as participant information sheets and consent forms

Membership of steering groups for research studies, contributing to the design and execution of the research study

Involvement in training, including undergraduate students, trainee clinicians and therapists through leading and participating in workshops, lectures and "think tanks"

Assisting in the selection of staff and students through participation in the interview process

In addition to work within the MDC, the LEG is increasingly involved in external activities such as running workshops in the community for both lay groups and other health professionals.  These workshops aim to increase understanding of mental ill-health and reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

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