For information on depression in general visit the National Institute of Mental Health website.
For an excellent UK-based charity offering information, self-help groups and support groups visit the Depression Alliance website.
For places to go for help and support at any time or help with suicidal thoughts and feelings visit The Samaritans website or call 08457 909090.
For recent treatment recommendations for depression visit the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) website.
NHS choices

To find more about the symptoms of depression and to take a short self-assessment on depression, visit the following NHS choices page.

Help with depression

Depression is both a serious and common mental health problem. However, we do have effective medical and psychological treatments for depression. We recommend a number of resources for people wishing to find out more about depression.

The following books have proven helpful to many people with depression:

Greenberger, D. & Padesky, C. A. (1995). Mind over mood: Change how you feel by changing the way you think.New York : Guilford.
This guide draws on the authors' experience as clinicians and teachers of cognitive therapy to help clients successfully understand and improve their moods, alter their behaviour, and enhance their relationships. Illustrated with case examples, the book presents the skills for identifying problems, setting goals, and achieving the desired changes.

McDonnell, F. (2003). Threads of hope: Learning to live with depression. A collection of writing.London : Short Books.
This book is a collection of writing by people from all walks of life who have struggled with depression – farmers, politicians, poets, the unemployed, the famous and the non-famous – who share their experiences and offer insights into what made a difference to them.

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