If you would like to participate in any of our studies please email mdcadmin@exeter.ac.uk or call 01392 726449.

Current Research Projects

Currently Recruiting:

  • Blue Spaces - Do you find that being close to the sea, a river or a lake, can help your mental health and wellbeing? If you have a diagnosis (or have experienced the symptoms) of bipolar or schizophrenia, or have experience of psychosis, we'd like to talk to you. 
  • PTSD Research - We are seeking participants both with and without a history of trauma to take part in a study investigating how exposure to stressful experiences and PTSD can influence emotional processing.
  • Outdoor Exercise - Do you find that doing physical activity and exercise in or near green spaces (e.g. forests, parks) and blue spaces (e.g. lakes, sea, rivers), helps your wellbeing and mental health? We are looking for people to complete a 30-45 minute questionnaire.

Ongoing Projects:

  • ASPIRE - Accessibility and implementation in UK services of an effective depression relapse prevention programme: Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.
  • IMPROVE 2 - (Implementing Multifactorial Psychotherapy Research in an Online Virtual Environment) an innovative trial to investigate and improve internet-based psychotherapy for depression.

'Take Part'

If you are interested in exploring additional opportunities to get involved with research then visit the University of Exeter's 'Take Part' webpages. We are always looking for support and there are numerous ways to get involved, from participating in a research studies to attending a public lecture.