Business Intelligence

Who we are

We are a team that is passionate about using data to better inform strategic decision making. The team is focused on providing managers with comprehensive, rich data with which to answer complex, strategic business questions. As part of the BI process, the team collaborates closely with the ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) team. They help to ensure that data from various sources can be used seamlessly from the data warehouse.

Our team is led by Mariano Sanchez-Luppi (Assistant Director), who is supported by four BI Officers, and a Data Analyst. Please see the Business Intelligence Contacts page for further information about each team member.

What we do

The Business Intelligence team works with departments across the University to collect, analyse and communicate data in a meaningful way. We work to ensure that decisions made are both evidence-based and strategic. Our work provides a snapshot of how the institution is performing now in areas such as, student recruitment, league table positioning, and research income. Using BI the University can make more accurate predictions based on current trends. We can also test different scenarios to see what the outcome might be before changes are made.

Some of the key activities involve:

  • Reporting: Sharing data analysis with stakeholders so that they can draw conclusions and make better decisions.
  • Data preparation: Compiling data, identifying the dimensions and measurements, preparing it for analysis.
  • Performance metrics and benchmarking: Comparing current performance to competitors and the past to track against goals.

 To access all the reports that are currently used by colleagues across the institution, please visit the MI Hub.

For an overview of some of the work that the team is currently engaging (and planning to engage) with, please refer to the BI Project Pipeline page.