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Alignment is one of three key aims of the Professional Services Strategy.

Alignment focuses on ensuring each of our professional services’ annual plans, as well as individual’s personal objectives, are aligned to the professional services strategy and fully support the delivery of our institutional strategy

We will achieve this by:

  • providing clarity on the work each of our professional services teams carry out so everyone working here knows who to contact should they need support
  • nurturing an open and collaborative culture by encouraging all professional services colleagues to develop their careers and move between services, and by developing our networks so we can regularly share best practice and celebrate successes
  • using data from the annual Uniforum benchmarking exercise to ensure our professional services team is able to effectively respond to any pressures in specific areas, and can work to support the delivery of our institutional priorities.

What have we already achieved and what future plans do we have?

  • Created a Professional Services website with list of service level descriptors providing a highly visible set of contacts and information
  • Aligned personal objectives to strategy through the new electronic Personal Development review system
  • Review and update the induction process
  • Review Professional Services job descriptions to ensure they are aligned with our Mission and Values
  • Promote a ‘One Professional Services’ approach, with internal volunteering and secondment opportunities
  • Create more collaborative Professional Services spaces via new capital projects, different ways of working and hot-desking
  • Enhance a culture of openness and multi-team working – for example, through joint community challenges, inter-services meetings and job shadowing opportunities.
  • Review and when necessary reallocate Professional Services resources using insights from the annual Uniforum benchmarking exercise and annual planning process to enable to better support changing institutional priorities and strategies

How can I get involved?

A number of discussion groups will be held in early 2019.  The discussion groups will be open to all colleagues to attend and share their thoughts on how the current projects, as well as any new projects, can be progressed.