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Service Level Description

Campus Services

Campus Services

Campus Services ensures that the campus operates smoothly on a day-to-day basis, in conjunction with Estate Services, so that teaching, research and other activity can proceed without concern to those delivering other services.


Key deliverables for 2018/19

  • 70% participation in sports activity amongst student body;
  • Top 6 in British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS);
  • Progress on sports capital plans at Streatham, St Luke's and Topsham;
  • Delivering new childcare facility and outsourced service;
  • Professional Estate Patrol Service;
  • Fully compliant and fit for purpose transport management;
  • Sustainable travel policy;
  • Restructured portering service;
  • Financial footprint of Facilities Management aligned to savings targets;
  • Commercial surplus from Events aligned to budget expectations;
  • Implementation of commercial strategy to meet budget expectations;
  • Modernisation of catering service, including St Lukes and Innovation Centre;
  • Completion of negotiations around Moberly, Spreytonway and East Park;
  • Sign-off of a residential strategy to include a long-term renovation plan and due consideration to any asset disposals.

Service provided

  • Sport and Child care
  • Facilities Management
  • Event Exeter
  • Catering and Retail
  • Residential Services

Service users

  • Students, staff and members of the wider public
  • Students, staff and other visitors to the campus
  • Students, staff and visitors to the campus
  • Students and visitors to the campus during vacations

What we strive for

  • High levels of customer satisfaction as determined by Cubane/Uniforum and other satisfaction measures
  • Service Excellence, Continuous Improvement is the service strapline
  • Low levels of crime and positive sense of safety on the campus
  • High proportions of University population engaging in healthy lifestyles
  • Good levels of commercial surplus aligned to budget

Key contacts

NamePositionExtensionEmail addressContact for?
Alison Davidson Director, Sport and Childcare 3595 Sports and Family Centre
Wendy Courtney Director, Facilities Management 4576 All facilities management related activities for both Campus Services and Estate Services
Sarah Snow Acting Commercial Director 5209 Event Exeter, Commercial Services team, Reed Hall, Forum and Great Hall
Tricia Punchard Director, Residences 6515 Student residential accommodation
Simon Law Director, Catering and Retail 2445 All internal catering and retail services
Richard Heath Head of Security 5447 Estate Patrol
Rob Owen Campus Manager, St Lukes 3504 All operations issues on St Lukes campus
Louise McLellan Family Centre Manager 5415  
Helen Cozens Facilities Manager, Streatham Campus 5449  
Matt Blee Retail Manager 5904