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Service Level Description

Communication and Marketing Services

Communication and Marketing Services

The Communications and Marketing Services Directorate brings together communications across the University to promote our world leading research, education and student experience. We help the university make good business and investment decisions on the basis of customer and market data, delivering campaigns to capitalise on opportunities and achieve business objectives. We work to attract high potential students from all around the world to the University of Exeter to create a diverse student population. We are responsible for creative marketing activity, provide advice on using the University brand, and deliver high quality corporate events.

  • Deliver world-class engaging marketing and communications which support the strategic objectives of the University.
  • Responsible for building and maintaining the University’s brand and competitive position; external and internal communications; student recruitment, admissions and fair access; and corporate events.
  • Support the University to deliver its student recruitment ambitions at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
  • There is an Assistant Director with responsibility for each area of delivery and to whom issues can be escalated if necessary.

The service conducts continual evaluation of activity, exploiting data analytics where available and soliciting regular customer feedback, to enhance efficiency and effectiveness and inform strategic decision-making.

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Key deliverables for 2018/19

  • Improve our position in the World 100 reputation Rankings
  • Increase positive media coverage by 10 %
  • Create digital assets assessed as 'best in class' by independent assessment
  • Support the University to diversify funding and revenue streams
  • Increase international, WP and PGR entrant numbers in line with approved targets
  • Deliver CRM system and maximise conversion through the prospective student journey
  • Be in the top quartile for Cubane benchmarking survey on effectiveness and efficiency   
  • Complete migration of University websites into mobile-ready templates
  • Relaunch UG and PG recruitment websites

Service provided

  • Press and public affairs: media management and PR planning
  • Internal and stakeholder communications
  • Student communications
  • Digital communications
  • Customer needs and behaviour analysis
  • Market analysis including competitor benchmarking, trend forecasting and customer feedback
  • Marketing strategy and operational planning
  • Support College business planning
  • Programme development support
  • Programme pricing and scholarships
  • Reputation/brand management
  • Campaign planning, management, delivery and evaluation
  • Customer relationship and enquiry management
  • Strategic marketing support
  • Work with teachers and advisers to raise pupil attainment and widen participation in UK higher education
  • Engage with prospective students, creating opportunities to experience University life and our world class campuses through open days, residentials, summer schools and virtual experiences
  • Deliver high quality admissions and enquiry services to support prospective students on their applicant journey
  • Multimedia design: branding, print, merchandise, photography
  • Print services
  • Corporate events

Service users

  • Vice-Chancellor
  • Academics
  • Current Students
  • Prospective students and their influencers
  • College management
  • Research Services
  • Innovation, Impact and Business
  • Education and Student Services
  • Strategic Delivery Unit
  • Alumni
  • Target schools and Colleges
  • International agents and sponsors

What we strive for

  • To deliver a high-quality, professional service to all
  • To represent the University and its values in all our communications
  • To continually evaluate the effectiveness of our activity and drive efficiency
  • To protect and enhance the University’s brand and global reputation

Key contacts

NamePositionExtensionEmail addressContact for?
Louise Brown Assistant Director 4239 Strategic Marketing, Programme Development, Programme Pricing, College Student Recruitment, CRM
Rob Mitchell Assistant Director – Communications 5020 Digital communications, Press and Public Affairs, Internal Communications, Student Communications
Katherine Lloyd-Clark Head of Student Recruitment 4074 Student access, admissions, UK and international student recruitment
Carole FitzGerald Assistant Director – Marketing Operations 3058 Multimedia design, market research, corporate events, campaign managers, print services