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Service Level Description

Education and Student Support

Education and Student Support

The purpose of the Education and Student Support Directorate is to provide an internationally excellent experience for staff and students at all stages of their university journey.  The services we offer must be timely, effective, efficient and embody the values and ambition of the University of Exeter as a truly global institution.

The Service is constituted of student and staff facing functions. These are Library and Culture Services, the Student Employability and Academic Success team, Student Services (including registry, timetabling, exams and front line support in college and central locations), the Student Immigration team and the Wellbeing and Welfare Service for students. The service also includes elements of the Teaching Quality Assurance and Enhancement team.

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Key deliverables for 2018/19


  • Continue to develop our subject-specific online library training and promote our extensive list of self-help LibGuides for all disciplines;
  • Ensure that recommended learning materials for students are readily available at the time they are needed by continuing to increase and promote the number of resources lists received from academic staff and processed in the Library;
  • Increase Library content and resources that can be accessed anytime, anywhere;
  • Promote resources unique to Exeter in teaching and research.


  • Embedding new ways of working to generate additional placements for students though credit bearing placement modules;
  • Building on the outcomes from the Penryn pilot;
  • Exploring synergies around fieldwork and placement activities;
  • Adjusting delivery for the new graduate prospects measures.

Student Services

  • Embedding the new Hub model and generating service improvements and efficiencies through process improvements;
  • Through Rapid Improvement Events (RIEs) and new digital tools, streamline and, where appropriate, standardise activities;
  • Continuous improvement following implementation of new timetabling structure.

Wellbeing & Welfare

  • Continue to develop the service in response to the increasing demand, promoting early intervention and signposting to reduce more resource intensive interventions. Bedding in the service in Hubs;
  • Implement the outputs of the Wellbeing and Disabled Students’ Allowance reviews for the wellbeing pathways and the AccessAbility teams.

Student Immigration Services

  • Continued process improvements to ensure compliance with regulatory changes and seamless service to international students.

Strategic Support

  • Establish the Education Business Partner role at a more strategic level as a Strategic Partner to College CEGs and the senior management of the Campus at Penryn. EPBs will be active co-creators in college education plans and will support the Associate Deans for Education to deliver on those plans.  This will include greater prominence for EBPs in programme development, as well as ensuring demand and resource alignment for their college/campus.

Service provided

Library services:

  • The Library underpins education and research by providing extensive digital and physical academic information resources and associated customer-focused services.  We enable student success and research impact by maximising the availability of shared resources through management of access arrangements, empowering users to find relevant high quality resources quickly and easily, and assisting students and researchers to define and progress their enquiry
  • The Library directly supports teaching, working with disciplines to ensure learning resources are available.  Our support of research includes managing the institutional open access repository Open Research Exeter,  enabling dissemination of research outputs in accordance with funder requirements
  • The University’s cultural assets and activities supporting learning and research include
    • rich Special Collections
    • the unique Bill Douglas Cinema Museum
    • Arts and Culture collections and support for research impact through artistic collaborations 
    • innovative Digital Humanities research and teaching embedding digital methods and resources
  • Facilities include the main Forum Library, open 24/7/365, and 3 other library locations in Exeter. 
  • Library services in Penryn are delivered by FXPlus but there is shared expertise at senior management level and alignment, as far as possible, around library systems etc.

Student Employability & Academic Success:

  • A key resource for students, graduates and graduate recruiters. We help improve student chances of achieving their potential in their studies, maximising the benefit from their wider student experiences and securing a graduate-level job or further study upon graduation. Through the Career Zone and other student interfaces, we provide one-to-one guidance and careers information, place-based opportunities (overseas study and work experience and placements. Our emphasis is on co-operative working, joining with university alumni, local and international employers to help students learn more about their chosen career paths and widen the range of opportunities available to them.
  • Other key delivery areas include supporting students to achieve work placements, international placements and study abroad opportunities such as Erasmus.  The team will also coordinate field trip activity across the University, ensuring the administrative burden does not fall on academics.
  • The service makes a significant contribution to the University of Exeter’s international rankings and through the achievement of positive graduate destination results and international reputation score with graduate recruiters.

Student Services:

  • Delivering high quality support services that are essential to the student learning journey and to the delivery of an excellent student experience, Student Services is critical to every student and throughout their time at the university.
  • The University Timetabling Service coordinates and produces the teaching timetable which is critical to the daily delivery of teaching activity to students across the university. 
  • Our Examinations team manages the summative student examination cycle throughout the year and throughout the University at 20,000+ exams sat per year, an essential requirement of a student’s academic journey.
  • The Student Records team meets the needs of external bodies such as HESA, ensuring that University data capture is compliant with HESA requirements as well as acting as the backbone of internal student data records from first registration through to graduation. 
  • The Forum SID team in the David Allen Student Services Centre is leading the way in HE service delivery. It handles all non-academic student and staff enquiries circa 200,000 enquires a year and is the gateway to the core professional support services provided by the University. The SID Senior Advisor team also manage and coordinate the delivery of high-quality and high volume Graduation ceremonies twice a year. 
  • The Community Liaison team help build relationships and networks with our community partners, including the Town and County Councils, statutory authorities and local resident associations. This team also deploys Student Wardens into the local community to enable positive community improvement and awareness projects on behalf of the University and students.
  • The International Support team ensures that International students receive a dedicated and tailored welcome into the University as well as implementing a diverse offering of cultural activities, raising and promoting global and diversity awareness amongst our staff and students. 
  • The ESS Hub teams located in academic buildings in Exeter and Penryn campuses deliver student services, including academic related services, to staff and students. The Hubs each have relevant discipline specialties depending on their locations.

Wellbeing & Welfare: 

  • These services are here to help students get the most out of their time at University. Health and wellbeing are crucial ingredients of effective study as well as a rich and fulfilling student experience, but staying well in body and mind isn’t always easy at University. For students with disabilities and long-term health conditions we understand that you may need support to manage your health and wellbeing, as well as your studies, whilst at University. We recognise that it’s much more difficult to learn and enjoy student life when practical and personal difficulties arise. Wellbeing Services can offer a range of services to support students personally and in their studies when difficulties occur.
  • Wellbeing Services is our umbrella term for the multiple wellbeing teams we have here at the University. We are made up of three main pathways including:
    • Psychological Therapies Pathway
    • Mental Health Pathway
    • AccessAbility Pathway
  • Alongside these pathways the Welfare team makes up the fourth service area.
  • Wellbeing Services also includes the Exeter Access Centre.
    • We support current students studying at our Exeter campuses (Streatham Campus and St Luke's Campus). If you are based at our Penryn campus, please visit the FXU Wellbeing pages

Student Immigration Services:

  • Student Immigration Services works to support the recruitment of international students to the University and to provide advice and support to our international students, with a particular focus on the legal compliance requirements set by the UK government, from the point of application through to the completion of their studies.
  • The service is comprised of three areas:
    • Immigration Compliance Unit is responsible for maintaining a central oversight of compliance with the Home Office’s requirements for Tier 4 sponsors.
    • Tier 4 CAS Team are responsible for issuing Confirmations of Acceptance for Study (CAS) to new students
    • International Student Support Office provide immigration advice and welfare support to international students and applicants.

Academic Development and eLearning Teams (TQAE): 

  • Teaching Quality Assurance and Enhancement focuses on strategic development with the academic and professional services communities in order to achieve the goals of the Education Strategy by ensuring academic colleagues are supported in their professional development, particularly around digital enhancements to education delivery.
  • The division is made up of Academic Development, Education Projects and e-Learning.

Service users

  • All Students
  • All academic staff
  • Visiting staff and associates
  • Alumni
  • University partners
  • Visitors to the University of Exeter
  • Recent Graduates
  • Graduate Recruiters
  • Teaching Academics
  • International Students
  • Professional Service teams
  • INTO students
  • UKVI (Home Office)
  • All colleges
  • QAA
  • OIA

What we strive for

  • Student satisfaction: at least 88% of NSS respondents agree with Q19 (Library resources have supported my learning well)
  • Library efficiency: % of library spend; information in top quartile, staff in bottom quartile for RLUK or sector (SCONUL stats)
  • 95% of Exeter UG students will participate in a work or overseas placement before graduating
  • 80% response rate for the DLHE survey
  • Remaining ahead of the median competitor score for graduate prospects
  • Reduced waiting times for Wellbeing appointments
  • Keeping visa refusal rates below 1%
  • Education Business Partners are co-creators of college plans
  • Contributing to an NSS overall student satisfaction score in excess of 90%

Key contacts

NamePositionExtensionEmail addressContact for?
James Anthony-Edwards University Librarian 3870  Library services
Paul Blackmore Head of Student Employability and Academic Success 4405 Employability, graduate destinations and academic support
Jamie Horsley Head of Student Services 5288 Student services, registry, exams, timetabling, graduation, frontline services, SID
Mark Sawyer Head of Wellbeing & Welfare 4381 Student wellbeing and welfare
Jim Price Student Immigration Service Manager 5502 Student immigration and UKVI compliance
Rob Plastow Education Business Partner (CEMPS) 01326 255830 CEMPS specific ESS delivery
Barbara Powell Education Business Partner
4622 CLES specific ESS delivery
Eli McCutchion Education Business Partner (HUMS) 2634 HUMS specific ESS delivery
Susanne Byrch Education Business Partner
3750 SSIS specific ESS delivery
Gareth Carey Jones Education Business Partner
2671 UEBS specific ESS delivery
Tim Rushforth Education Business Partner (UEMS) 3675 UEMS specific ESS delivery
Catriona Taylor Education Business Partner (Penryn) 01326 254280 Penryn specific ESS delivery