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Service Level Description

Estate Services

Estate Services

Estate Services, with its ethos of Service Excellence, Continuous Improvement can make a significant contribution in enabling delivery of the University’s core strategy, by ensuring that our estate and campus environment is fit for purpose through the provision of the following services in Exeter;

  • Strategic Estate Management – development of Master plans and Estate Strategy, estate acquisitions and disposals.
  • Design and Delivery of projects – refurbishment, new build projects and large scale maintenance projects. Mitigation of the impact of works on campus.
  • Maintenance of our buildings and estate – planned preventative and reactive maintenance.
  • Grounds Services - development and maintenance of our Grounds and Sports facilities.
  • Space Management – design, records and allocation of space on campus.
  • Carbon reduction management - Utilities procurement and energy reduction projects.
  • Sustainable Transport – development and delivery of our sustainable transport plan

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Key deliverables for 2018/19

  • Student Hubs Projects at Peter Chalk and Amory;
  • Temporary study spaces at Exeter;
  • Project North Park;
  • Innovation Centre/Project Mobilise;
  • VSim project at Science Park;
  • Residential Projects at Exeter – East Park, Moberly and Spreytonway;
  • Clayden Project;
  • New Nursey Project;
  • Various refurbishment projects including Laser Labs in Physics;
  • Teaching spaces upgrades programme £3.0m – extensive number of rooms;
  • UEMS Nursing Programme and extended BMBS facilities at St Lukes and Heavitree;
  • Sports projects at Exeter;
  • Complete carbon reduction programme phase 1;
  • Develop the Exeter district heating project with partners;
  • Penryn Science and Engineering Research Support Facility (SERSF) 2 & 3 project, 2020 teaching and social projects, CSM mine facilities, Extension to ESI, Land to the North and Residential strategy;
  • Cornwall 2030 strategic plan and site allocation;
  • LTM programme – in particular Harrison asbestos removals (2-3 years) and Physics cladding replacement;
  • Provision of space for all Colleges to accommodate staff and research growth – serious pressure building and in addition REF recruitment now coming to the fore;
  • Exeter Residential upgrade programme;
  • Accessibility programme;
  • Upgrade Duckes Meadow sports fields, subject to funding and equipment upgrade;
  • Upgrade to Planon Live version to improve service and allow self-service to system;
  • Mitigation plan to be developed for Streatham – resources to be secured and plan developed.

Service provided

  • Provide strategic, professional and technical support and advice relating to buildings and estate management.
  • Provide a key role in the delivery of the Estates Strategy 2016-2026 and support in the planning and delivery of the Residential Strategy.
  • Provide advice in space planning and management, building on Future Workplaces to support transformation and better ways of working
  • Ensure effective mitigations are in place and disruption minimised, safety maximised and that campus presentation is maintained or enhanced for all the works we do.
  • Ensure statutory compliance and safe working environment for all staff, students and visitors. Working closely with the Health safety and Wellbeing, Technical Services and Compliance, Governance and Risk teams;
  • Provide support in Cornwall and our facilities at the Wonford and Heavtiree NHS sites.
  • Ensure safe reliable operation of the University’s utility infrastructure (gas, water and electricity); Implement HV fault monitoring system;
  • Developing strategy for funding of large scale carbon and energy saving projects in line with funding available through the Estate Strategy 2016-2026; 
  • Deliver the University’s Sustainable Travel Plan in the areas of electrical vehicle use and cycling and lead on the review of the Sustainable Travel Plan.
  • To continuously review systems and processes, to ensure we make best use of resources and perform to the highest industry standards to maintain our landscape and grounds to the highest standards retaining our botanic garden and green flag status.
  • To continuously deliver high quality sports facilities that improve and enhance the student experience and participation levels in physical activity.

Service users

  • All Colleges,
  • Students,
  • Staff,
  • Partners and visitors.

What we strive for

  • 80%+ of all project completed within agreed programme
  • 80%+ of all projects completed within approved budget
  • 90%+ customer satisfaction with Projects and Grounds
  • 100% sites safety checked within each month
  • 80%+ team members agree or strongly agree team voice is high
  • Manage maintenance and utilities budget within 10% variance
  • 70%+ Direct works orders completed within SLA timeframe
  • +5% reduction of carbon year on year
  • Less than 2 per month queries or complaints
  • 1 or less safety issue reported to safety office per month
  • 80%+ EDW staff survey temperature check
  • Maintain Green Flag status for Streatham and St Lukes campus grounds
  • -5% staff absence rates
  • 90%+ satisfaction by student sports captains and clubs for grass surfaces and artificial surfaces

Key contacts

NamePositionExtensionEmail addressContact for?
Campus help Help desk 4552 All defects, maintenance or minor reactive works
Reception Estate Services reception 5533 All enquiries
Frances Vowles Director Built Estate 4566 Projects, LTM programme, Space management, Furniture and Business Rates
Paul Mucklow Director Engineering and Direct Works 4561 Engineering, Direct Works planned and reactive maintenance, utilities, sustainable transport, Licenced Facilities
Iain Park Director of Grounds 5531 Landscape and Sports grounds