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Service Level Description

Finance Services

Finance Services

Finance Services is responsible for the management of the University's financial affairs. We contribute to the strategic direction of the University by providing advice and support to decision-makers. Finance Services support and advise College and Service leaders and budget holders. We administer the University’s income process and systems and make payments due to suppliers, agencies such as HMRC and staff and students for items such as expense claims and bursaries and studentships.  We advise on buying goods and services, ensuring these meet user requirements, are value for money and comply with regulations. We ensure the University produces statutory information, such as its annual financial statements and is compliant with tax rules and regulations, such as VAT.


Key deliverables for 2018/19

  • Implementation of a suite of new IT systems and processes, supporting the source to pay and sales to cash business processes and production of enhanced management information.
  • Implementation of a new organisation structure
  • Implementation of a new ethical Investment Policy, appointing fund managers to implement it.
  • Implementation of new modern slavery risk register in respect of the University’s non-pay expenditure on goods, services & works.
  • Supporting senior managers deliver savings through a procurement programme

Service provided

  • Provide financial management information
  • Provide strategic financial management advice
  • Produce statutory financial information 
  • Make payments
  • Pay staff and student expenses
  • Pay bursaries, scholarships and studentships
  • Collect income
  • Procure goods and services
  • Advice on procurement compliance (eg EU)
  • Advise, develop & manage procurement strategies and tender activity to acquire goods, services & works
  • Pay VAT
  • Provide tax advice

Service users

  • Managers and decision-makers
  • Regulators, bankers, the public
  • Suppliers
  • Staff and students
  • Student sponsors, Student Loan Company, research sponsors and customers
  • Managers and decision-makers
  • Managers, stakeholders and decision-makers
  • HMRC

What we strive for

Financial Management and Reporting aim to deliver management accounts to senior management by the 6th day of the following month.

Key contacts

NamePositionExtensionEmail addressContact for?
Joe Wall Assistant, Director of Finance 6520 Financial planning and reporting 
Sarah Ascott Head of Financial Operations 6038

Accounts Payable and Receivable, Cash Operations, Treasury & Compliance 
Kathy Duffie Procurement Manager - Revenue 5431 Procurement related matters
Tracey Hill Head of Procurement Operations 2288 Purchase orders, non-matching invoices, supplier on-boarding to e-marketplace, ‘CloudBuy’