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Service Level Description

Innovation, Impact and Business

Innovation, Impact and Business (IIB)

Innovation, Impact and Business (IIB) supports academics across the University to develop impact; connect with external partners and networks; create opportunities for projects; and generate value and resources/ income to help them in their work. The team operates across the research and education landscape and is made up of sector and technical specialists who can help academics succeed in new ways of working and finding new types of funding.

We are organised around 6 key thematic areas:

  • Advanced Engineering, Energy, Mining;
  • Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Environment, Sustainability and Food Security;
  • Government and Society
  • Healthcare and Biotech;
  • Culture

Working closely with Research Services, SEAS and Global Advancement, we aim to create an inspiring culture of Impact and External Engagement that delivers benefits to society and the economy and strengthens the University’s position as a global 100 research leader at the heart of a thriving regional innovation ecosystem.

The principal strategies that we support are the Research and Impact Strategy, the Education Strategy, the Business Engagement Strategy and the Regional Strategy. The financial aim is to help Colleges to deliver £160m more income from industry and external partnerships over the next five years including through collaborative and contract research, education collaborations, regional projects, IP exploitation, consultancy and facilities access.  We also aim to support and develop impact across the university to secure new QR funding.

Our teams are located on Streatham, St Lukes, Truro and Penryn campuses.

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Key deliverables for 2018/19

  • Support Colleges to meet their business plan targets of  £45.7m collaborative research/ contract research and other partnership income
  • Build good understanding of College external partner engagement ambitions so that we can help academics meet their priorities.
  • Launch and support an industrial Strategy Funding Board to guide engagement with the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy
  • Develop an Exeter strategic corporate partnership programme engaging up to 10  partners
  • Support a set of 150 impact case studies across the University
  • Develop a joint innovation programme with the City of Exeter linked to the SETsquared initiative.
  • Support bidding for £25m new projects from regional sources
  • Develop a regional flagship project via RPIF/ Industrial strategy
  • Develop new approach to Contract Education which enables growth in industry income from degree apprenticeships and other programmes.
  • Build on the University’s international partnerships to create at least one new industry linked initiative
  • Take account of the Uniforum surveys to improve and tailor services

Service provided

Drive Impact
We support academics in the development of impact which underpins the creation of  impact case studies and builds pathways to impact

Connect Partners
We help academics to bring people and organisations together to grow productive and transformational partnerships locally, nationally and globally. We are well connected in key themes and know how to engage key partners. We are facilitators, brokers and translators.

Create Opportunities
We work with academics to creatively-conceive and support new opportunities to build a strong pipeline of business and government research and education activities – including national and international research contracts and regional funding.

Generate Value
We support academics who wish to undertake income generating initiatives eg IP exploitation, spin outs, consultancy, facilities access, and we facilitate entrepreneurship initiatives across the University.

Service users

  • Academic staff (DoRs/ DoIs)
  • Academic staff
  • ADRs
  • ADEs
  • External partners
  • Academic entrepreneurs
  • Student entrepreneurs ADRs

What we strive for

  • DoIs see us as trusted partners in impact development
  • We are recognised as experts in supporting impact 
  • Impact development is integrated throughout the university which becomes recognised over time as a leader in impact
  • We have highly productive relationships with leading industry players (corporate partners)/ cultural bodies/government agencies in each of our themes.
  • We are integrated and influential in sector networks and are a key player in each theme
  • We have a strong pipeline of activity across the whole University;
  • The strategic projects we help to create and support are highly successful;
  • We are productively and pro-actively engaged with strategic funders
  • We can provide effective horizon-scanning and intelligence to the academic community.
  • We are embedded in strategic Place-Based investment priorities
  • We manage successful commercial projects that support the relationships that we build.
  • Our systems and team are highly respected due to the efficiency and effectiveness of what we do.
  • College senior management value our strategic contribution
  • Individual academics value our creativity, expert knowledge and helpfulness.
  • We are recognised as experts in building and maintaining relationships
  • We create an inspiring culture of Impact and External Engagement
  • Our staff are well trained and meet industry standards (eg ISO9001 Quality Management processes and RTTP accreditation for individuals)

Key contacts

NamePositionExtensionEmail addressContact for?
Chris Evans Assistant Director 4850 Regional Impact & Innovation
Neil Hayes Assistant Director 3180 Commercial & Business Programmes