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Service Level Description

Policy, Planning and Business Intelligence

Policy, Planning and Business Intelligence

Policy, Planning and Business Intelligence (PPBI) provides high quality management information, analysis and policy insight to support evidence-based decision making and the University’s strategy. We enable the university to understand and anticipate performance across a range of key performance indicators. We:

  • support Colleges’ planning and strategy development
  • provide Business Intelligence
  • manage the PRG process
  • develop Workload Policy and administer SWARM system
  • provide Data Assurance.
  • manage statutory returns

The Service consists of three inter-related professional teams:

  • Policy & Planning – Develop institutional strategies, particularly through the planning process; are responsible for the analysis, monitoring and reporting on Key Performance Indicators and Global and UK Rankings, and specific statutory returns.
  • Business Intelligence – Provide data packages and information for strategic decision-making across the University through the development of the University’s data warehouse as the University’s single agreed source for strategic data reporting.
  • Workload Planning - Administer and provide governance for the SWARM workload planning system.

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Key deliverables for 2018/19

In addition to our annual cycle of core activities in 2018/19 we will:

  • Develop new BI products (ASER: complete UG and PGT dashboards, Athena Swan, HR Reports Phase 2, Admissions, e-PDR, Global Partnerships and Doctoral College)
  • Develop and implement BI communications strategy (MI Hub design and launch)
  • Scenario Modelling Pilot
  • Develop plan for replacement to SWARM
  • Develop a project plan to implement WLP policy review outputs
  • Deliver Uniforum programme 2018/19 including full analysis of resulting data
  • Support TEF subject pilot submission
  • Develop set of supporting PIs and review existing KPI set
  • Produce institutional research paper on SSRs for VCEG Residential 2018
  • Keep VCEG, Colleges and PSLT informed of developments with sector initiatives including HESA Data Futures and HE Fees review
  • Establish Institutional reporting group to develop a common set of principles around performance data management
  • Establish clear responsibilities for supporting COGNOS EP following finance transition to T1
  • Establish new BI Steering Board for BAU operations

Service provided

  • Outstanding data service delivering analysis and insight to support strategic decision making
  • Co-ordination of the institutional planning process
  • Business Partner support to Colleges
  • Analysis of League table rankings and associated metrics to understand our own and our competitors’ performance
  • Development of management information packages through BI
  • Support Colleges/Services in articulating their data needs to continuously develop and improve our offering
  • Development and reporting of University KPIs to monitor progress against our strategies
  • Analysis of sector policy developments
  • Input to statutory reporting (HESES, HESA, NCTL, UNISTATS)
  • Supporting the academic workload planning model and TRAC return process
  • Production of the Times Good University Guide

Service users

  • Colleges, Professional Services, Senior management.
  • Registry

What we strive for

We co-ordinate the institutional planning process on behalf of PRG and the Provost in order to produce a strategically led and financially balanced five-year plan for approval by Council each year.

We lead a forum for discussion at key points throughout the planning process to promote co-creation of plans between Colleges and Professional Services and provide rapid feedback from PRG meetings.

We provide named business partner resource to actively engage with and support all College planning related activities (such as performance and monitoring and strategic planning).

We provide high-quality management information service to Senior Management, College and Professional Services staff, leading & developing institutional reporting, analysis & insight to inform decision making.

We aim to

  • Respond to ad hoc requests within two working days
  • Respond to FOI requests within statutory timeframes
  • Provide same day summary of key publications (e.g. league tables) to VCEG, PVCs and Senior PS staff
  • Provide detailed analysis of key publications via MI Hub within 3 working days
  • Provide timely updates on KPIs as they are updated throughout the cycle

All statutory reporting led by PPBI meets appropriate compliance regulations including accurate, timely and informed submissions.
We provide assurance to Audit Committee on the process, risk and implications of key institutional returns used to inform funding and performance related outputs (MDS, HESES, HESA staff, student & Finance, DLHE).

We provide governance and support for the workload planning system (SWARM) and lead on validation of data for use in statutory reporting (TRAC) and aim to achieve a 75% TRAC response rate in all disciplines.

We manage the institutional programme of activities that deliver the Uniforum programme, ensuring accurate and timely submission of data and leading on the subsequent production of data analysis and insights.

We engage with external partners to supply a full sector analysis of key educational and research metrics used to inform the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide as contracted.

We develop/update new/existing BI reports in line with priorities established by BI steering group. We establish connections with business users and provide solutions to help solve challenges experienced by the university. We work using AGILE principles.

Key contacts

NamePositionExtensionEmail addressContact for?
Mariano Sanchez-Luppi Assistant Director, BI 6660 BI Products live within MI hub
BI new requirements
Fiona Kugele Assistant Director, Policy & Planning 6134 Institutional performance and monitoring
Steph Selway Policy and Planning Officer 3479 Academic workload planning
Rachel Daubney Policy and Planning Officer 6434 Institutional planning process