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Service Level Description

Technical Services

Technical Services

Technical Services work in partnership with academic colleges to provide an appropriate and flexible staffing structure to support excellent teaching and research for staff and students in the laboratory, field, workshop, studio and clinical settings. The service works in close partnership with Colleges, Estate Services, FXPlus, Governance, Compliance and Risk, Exeter IT and Health and Safety to ensure that our specialist technical facilities are well managed, safe, complaint with regulatory requirements, and evolve to meet the changing needs of the College’s Research and Education Strategies. The service also provides specialist expertise to operate, maintain and manage a range of platform technologies and facilities and is closely involved in the development and implementation of capital infrastructure projects involving specialist space and equipment.


Technical Service staff support over 200 specialist labs/facilities on four campuses and seven sites across Devon and Cornwall. Our service delivery is constantly evolving to keep pace with emerging research and education needs – in terms of training and development of our staff, modification and building of specialist spaces and keeping current with the external regulatory landscape to ensure compliance with H&S and other relevant legislation.

Service provided

Teaching technical support

  • Works with Colleges and Disciplines to ensure that practical classes and sessions are supported in a lab/clinical/workshops /studio and field setting.

 Research technical support

  • Works with Colleges and Disciplines to ensure that technical spaces and equipment are fit for purpose and well maintained. Staff and students are supported with regard to compliance with regulatory frameworks and H&S standards.

 Platform technologies

  • Works with Colleges and Disciplines to ensure that platform technologies are operated and managed and available to UoE staff and students across disciplines and to customers external to the university. Works with HoFs to review MRF business cases.

 Biological Services Unit

  • Ensure that all work covered ASPA is carried out in accordance with the law.


  • Ensure that equipment for fabrication and manufacture of parts is available for teaching and research activities. Provide mechanical engineering services for research.

 Scientific/Engineering Stores

  • Provide a goods in/out service and small-goods store on behalf of research and teaching activities. (This service is currently provided on the Streatham Campus only).

 Partnership working

  • Staff work in partnership with other professional services (e.g. Estates Services, H&S, Governance and Compliance) to: continuously improve service delivery; respond to critical incidents; undertake internal audit and QA measures; host and respond to external auditors e.g. HSE, EA; support capital projects and infrastructure developments involving specialist technical resources.

 Technical Teams are staffed by:

  • Experimental Officers who manage and operate platform technologies and specialist equipment e.g. Exeter Sequencing Service, Bioimaging, MRI, VSimulator.
  • Technical Services managers who oversee the activities of their teams to ensure a consistent and resilient service. These managers act as H&S coordinators and undertake specialist safety/compliance roles e.g. Biological Services officer, Radiation Protection Officers, Laser Safety Officers.
  • Laboratory/workshop managers/ assistant managers who manage specific clinical/lab/engineering/studio/field teaching and research spaces and non-fixed assets. These managers advise and support implementation of H&S standards and legislative requirements.
  • Lab technicians who ensure that essential good laboratory practice functions are carried out.
  • Scientific/engineering stores assistants who manage goods in and out and run internal stores.
  • Externally funded research technicians who perform experimental work on behalf of academic PIs.
  • Technical Services Business Partners who ensure that the research and education strategic aims of colleges are translated to operational delivery.
  • A Head of Service who ensures that the service is run as a coherent unit, and is able to flex resource as needed across the business to meet operational demand within the available budget.

Service users

  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Students
  • PGR students
  • Postdoctoral researchers
  • Academic Staff
  • Visiting researchers
  • Commercial customers
  • Academics from other HEIs
  • Home Office personal licence holders (staff and students)
  • Partner Professional Services teams – H&S, Governance and Compliance, Exeter IT, Estate Services, FXPlus.

What we strive for

  • Performance – to ensure delivery of technical services to support our academic endeavour based on local delivery.
  • Alignment - to seamlessly work across the institution as a single professional service to ensure effective prioritisation, focus and resilient support to meet academic units needs 
  • Partnership – to work in partnership with other professional services, academic colleagues, students and external stakeholders to co-create and agree our delivery plans and to deliver within agreed budgets
  • 75% of staff engaged in CPD to support their teaching and research activities (e.g. through registration with professional bodies).

Key contacts

NamePositionExtensionEmail addressContact for?
Gail Reeves Head of Technical Services and Technical Service Business Partner (Penryn Campus) 01326 255822 Academic, research and technical staff queries relating to technical support and Penryn Technical Services Delivery.
Elizabeth James Technical Services Business Partner (UEMS and CEMPS including Truro Campus) 01392 72 2347 UEMS, CEMPS and SISS Technical Services Delivery
Fiona Reynolds Head of Biological Services 01392 727070 Biological Services Technical Services Delivery
Judith Bannerman Technical Services Business Partner (CLES) 01392 723697 CLES Technical Services Delivery
Jon Primrose Technical Services Business Partner (HUMS) 01392 724585 HUMS Technical Services Delivery