Mechanical Workshop Job Submission

With the creation of the university-wide Technical Services team a system for submitting jobs to the mechanical workshops has been created. This will ensure that all jobs are logged, accounted for and technician time and materials are correctly charged.

  • Please use the online system to submit a job to the workshop. Log in using your University username and password
  • Enter the information into the boxes:
    • Add a colleague, student, line manager or supervisor into the job submission using the Cc field
    • ‘Subject’
    • ‘Project Name’ (mandatory)
    • ‘Grant/ Cost Code’ (mandatory)
    • ‘Contact Tel No’ (mandatory)
  • If you require specific materials then please add these to the ‘Materials Used’ box, otherwise leave this empty.
  • Upload any drawings that are relevant to the job (if you have more than one drawing then zip them into a single file and attach that).
  • Describe the job in the box provided: ie. give instructions on what the object should look like or what it will be used for/with or request a price before the job is started etc.
  • Click ‘Create ticket’ to submit the job to the workshop.

The online system will send you an automatic reply informing you that your job has been received. This will include your job number and a link to the online system where you can monitor the progress of your job. If you wish to submit further information or update your job request you can either follow the link in the email or reply to the email.

If the workshop has any questions regarding your job you will be contacted by a technician. Otherwise the job will proceed and when the job is complete you will receive an email informing you that your job is ready for collection.

The technician will add the dimensions and type(s) of materials used and the hours spent on the job to the ticket which is then automatically forwarded to the finance team every month.

It is no longer possible to submit handwritten paper job submission forms. However, please still discuss your jobs with the workshop staff.

  • It is important that we account for workshop time and materials properly.
  • We also want a system that is transparent and fair to everyone.
  • You will be able to contact the appropriate technician directly about your job at any time and you will be notified directly when the job is complete.
  • The system should make the job submission process more efficient and increase productivity.

Anyone requesting a job through the workshops should complete the online form with all the relevant information and description the job. The job will sit in a virtual queue and be directed to an appropriately skilled technician (prioritised by submission date) when workload allows.