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What is LabCup?

LabCup is a chemical and equipment inventory management system adopted by the University of Exeter in 2019.

Up to date chemical inventory for each laboratory

  • SDS and hazard information automatically added to each chemical
  • Share chemicals between labs by marking as 'offered' and search for freely available chemicals

Full equipment and asset inventory

  • Track maintenance dates
  • Attach manuals, training, other related documents
  • Search using custom tags

Storage for risk assessments and CoSHH

  • Upload existing approved risk assessments and CoSHH
  • Create new forms using the templates

Create interactive emergency hazard maps

  • Upload floorplans of each building
  • Add markers to identify the locations of safety equipment and hazards
  • Link each lab to its map location to get an overview of chemical contents and hazard information
  • Send emergency access tokens to non-users and emergency services

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