"Being a CSci has assisted me to raise my profile, add to my credentials, given me credibility and boosted my confidence."

Abdelmalek Benattayallah CSci

Why I applied to be a Chartered Scientist (CSci)

I am a Medical Physicist with more than 14 years of experience conducting diagnostic imaging procedures, with expertise on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and MRI safety procedures.

After graduating with a degree in Physics I completed an MSc in Medical Physics, then finished my PhD in MRI. I spent 2 years in MRI research before joining the University of Exeter MR Research Centre.

Benefits of Professional Registration

Being a CSci conveys to others, including the public, that you are professional and have the right experience, skills, training, and competence for your job. It is formal recognition of ongoing commitment for your achievement, skills and experience as a professional scientist in your field.

The requirements for maintaining CSci through the Science Council’s annual continuous personal development (CPD), will encourage you to achieve your professional objectives and reinforce your connection to the academic and research community across different sectors and disciplines, which can help you share their experiences and learn from them.

Being a CSci has assisted me to raise my profile, add to my credentials, given me credibility and boosted my confidence.

By undertaking an ongoing programme of CPD to achieve and maintain CSci, it helps me focus on my training needs and provides me with an agenda to support my future career development. It has also given me access to a wider community of scientists working across different sectors and disciplines.

Conclusions and recommendations

CSci represents, recognising high levels of professionalism and competence in science and it is an internationally recognised benchmark of professional quality and excellence for scientists.

Anyone who works within the science field, such as those involved in research and development and teaching, would all benefit in some way from being a Chartered Scientist. It will certainly help to: obtain professional recognition, demonstrate your commitment to the profession, increase your employability, and strengthen your CV so that you are ready for when promotion opportunities arise.

Finally, I would like to encourage others to prepare themselves to meet the requirements of CSci level as a way to progress in their career.