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Technical Development and Modernisation

The University of Sheffield is leading a scheme to tackle a black hole in universities’ technical expertise and train the workforce needed to ensure the country is at the forefront of international research and development.

The University of Exeter are working in partnership with the University of Sheffield to pilot and help develop the TDM Toolkit.


The project aims to address the issues (highlighted in the Background section) by developing a toolkit which, with guidance:

  • Enables institutions to build an understanding of the current situation for technicians to support business continuity and succession planning
  • Enables institutions to identify local skills gaps by analysing current skills data against their strategic need
  • Provides a consistent sector wide technician taxonomy which provides a framework for progression, linked to external accreditation 
  • Provides career pathways advice and guidance, including signposted accredited development and training opportunities supported by a personal CPD tool

The project is broken down into the following workstreams (click each title to see relevant PDF):

Workstream One - Development of a consistent sector wide technical taxonomy and a framework of related competencies.

Workstream Two - Development of skills and responsibilities capture tool and a skill database.  Capture of career case studies relating to career pathways.

Workstream Three - Development of an apprenticeships and trainee framework supported by best practice guidance.

Workstream Four- Development of an open source (WordPress) CPD tool to log professional development and manage training provision.

Workstream Five - Development of tools to support sharing good practice.  Collation of career development framework which includes mentoring and related development.

For more information on the project contact:

Maggie Norkowska
Office Co-ordinator
285 Glossop Road
S10 2HB

T: 0114 222 9773