Workstream 5 - Technician Networking

There are a few ways in which you as technical staff can network. Networking should be encouraged both within the University of Exeter, with other HEIs and industry partners.

Technicians network (TechNet)

The TechNet networking model is a well established example of best practice, formed at the University of Sheffield in Autumn 2013.

  • Connect individuals who share common interests and perform similar activities.
  • Crosses many boundaries and more importantly geographical borders.
  • Networking can be a powerful tool to create awareness, learn about new technologies, share good practise.
  • Increases organisational learning in ways that would not be possible within a self-contained hierarchical organisation.
  • Allows groups to expand knowledge base and share ideas

 HEaTED SW regional group

Join the vibrant community of technicians across the UK, through the HEaTED SW regional group, and share knowledge, experience and best practice. Engage in discussions on issues like training and development, professional registration, models for best technical and strategic planning and practice, proficiency standards, and changes in policy and practices.