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Project Enhance

Project Enhance supports the collective creation of our Digitally Enhanced and Flexible Portfolio, embracing all of our taught degree programmes. This will be essential for the University in academic year 2020/21 and will enhance the learning experience of on-campus and remote learners in 2020/21 and for years to come.

The Enhancement HUB is driven by the Design Principles that underpin Exeter’s curriculum development model, Enhance. The principles include a core set of expectations for all teaching experiences at Exeter, regardless of setting (seminars, lectures, labs, performance, online). To help you meet these, the Enhance Learning Model covers four main types of learning activity: acquiring knowledge; widening understanding; deepening comprehension; and consolidating to ensure that deep learning takes place.

An evolving resource designed to guide your steps in online delivery in light of the Enhance design principles, the HUB can be used in different ways depending on your experience. If you’re new to online delivery, working your way through the model via the Enhance Design Principles drop-down above will help you get started. More experienced educators might prefer to use the search menu at the top of the page to look for resources supporting particular activities, software, or pedagogical techniques.

Visit the Enhancement HUB Sharepoint site to learn more.