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Alan Turing Institute Fellows A-Z

NameResearch interests
Dr Michael Allen  
Dr Edmond Awad  
Professor Susan Banducci Information, Negativity and Democracy/ (Mis)Information & Trust -- Large Scale Online Randomized Experiments
Professor Robert Beardmore  
Dr Federico Botta  
Dr Lewys Brace  
Professor Alan Brown Accelerating the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in UK Government
Professor Peter Challenor Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) for Black-Box Computational Models with Application to Machine Decisions
Professor Albert Chen  
Dr Riccardo De Clemente  
Professor Tim Dodwell Data-driven, simulation informed, high value manufacturing
Dr Anjan Dutta  
Professor Richard Everson Data Science for Sustainable Development: Environment, Climate and Health
Professor Jonathan Fieldsend  
Professor Guangtao Fu Data analytics for smart urban water infrastructure
Professor Oliver Hauser  
Professor Leif Isaksen  
Professor Edward Keedwell  
Professor Mark Kelson Data science for accelerometry for health/Data science for clinical trials data on mental health
Dr Prakash Kripakaran  
Professor F Huge Lambert  
Professor Tim Lenton Data Science for Sustainable Development: Environment, Climate and Health
Professor Sabina Leonelli From Field Data to Global Indicators: Towards a Framework for Intelligent Plant Data Linkage
Dr Ke Li  
Professor David Llewellyn Advanced machine learning for dementia identification and targeted interventions
Professor Ronaldo Menezes  
Professor Thomas Monks Translation of Data Science and Operational Research tools to health and social care
Dr Mohsen Mosleh  
Dr Jonathan Phillips Controlling protein molecules to perform biochemical computing: Uniquely addressable protein logic gates/Protein computing
Dr David Plans Workplace Organisational Neuroscience Deployment (Intervention/Pre-Diagnostic) / ental Health Risk Modelling
Dr David Richards  
Professor Gavin Shaddick Data Science for Sustainable Development: Environment, Climate and Health
Dr Niccolo Tempini The social role of data in health artificial intelligence/Soft methodologies for data analytics infrastructure design and development
Professor Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova Virtual Reality Based Diagnosis and Therapy for Mental Health/Learning in the Model Space and Data Assimilation for large biomedical datasets
Dr Jess Tyrrell  
Dr Kirsty Wan  
Professor Hywel Williams Digital media & climate change.
Professor Danny Williamson Development of UQ technology for tuning climate models/Foundations research on how the product of data science/AI can be defensibly interpreted as “uncertainty” and can be used to make optimal decisions
Dr Andrew Wood  
Dr Zena Wood