Decolonising Research

In response to the Exeter Decolonising Network, the Doctoral College is undertaking a Decolonising Research project to identify what decolonisation means in the context of research, and specifically postgraduate research at the University of Exeter. Working in collaboration with the postgraduate research community, we will identify a list of priority areas and undertake projects to decolonise postgraduate research and the Doctoral College.

Our first event will be an open town hall meeting where postgraduate researchers are invited to raise and discuss the ways in which research theory and practice is embedded with colonial theory and practice, and where we need to focus our decolonising efforts. This event will be taking place on Thursday 4th March, 2-4pm on Microsoft Teams. A meeting link will be added to the website shortly.

We have a small PGR organising commitee, which any interested party is welcome to join. Please email if you are interested.


To assist with the work od the Decolonising Research project, we are collating (free) resources which may we of use to the PGR and wider research community. If you have a resource you would like to add, please contact