5 Minute Walk Challenge #5minwalk

As part of wellbeing week we at the Doctoral College want to challenge every Postgraduate Researcher and Postdoc to leave their lab or desk and to go outside and take a 5 minute walk. Research shows that just working small extra movement into your day has amazing health benefits. 

We are so lucky that all our campuses are in beautiful locations, make the most of it and maybe explore somewhere new. Ideas for walks on campus can be found below:

- Jubilee Water Walk

- Evolution Walk

- Streatham Wellbeing Map

- St Luke's Wellbeing Map

- Penryn Wellbeing Map

For each PGR and ECR who completes the walk we will donate a £1 to charity Mind. To let us know that you have completed your walk tweet us at #5minwalk or complete the online form. Check out our Social Media Wall to see who else has completed their #5minwalk. 

Get fellow researchers to join you on your walk, lets see how much money we can raise for Mind!