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You said, we did

You said: "We need more library resources"   You said: "We need more journals (especially Chemistry and Nature titles)

We did: The ‘I Want One of These’ request scheme has expanded and now encourages requests from PGR students for new library resources.

Source: Library team (feedback from PRES 2017)

We did: A number of new journal titles are in the process of being set up, including five from Nature and several others in Chemistry.

Source: Library team (feedback from PRES 2017)

You said: "Please can you offer more online learning opportunities"

You said: "More access to wellbeing training sessions"

We did: We changed our programme and we have a new website and  undertook major updates to the Postgraduate Researcher Development ELE page. We now host webinars throughout the academic year, not only in the Summer term.

Source: Feedback to the Researcher Development Team
We did: We set up a new and wider range of workshops and sessions to support PGR wellbeing such as 'Confidence and resilience for Postgraduate Researchers' and 'I've got to be perfect : managing the demands of perfectionism'.

Source: Suggestions from 2015 Guild Wellbeing Survey, Wellbeing Team and feedback to the Researcher Development Team
You said: "Please keep us updated, but please don't send so many emails to us about development opportunities"You said: "More inclusion through WEBINARs from PT and distance students"

We did: We significantly reduced the number of individual advertisements for courses and improved other channels of communication. We updated and simplified the Researcher Development website, produced an annual catalogue of all our courses and started a monthly email newsletter to keep you informed of development opportunities.

Source: Researcher Development Team

We did: We expanded our WEBINAR programme again this year, and we provided a new webpage highlighting opportunities and information specifically for distance learners.

Source: Suggestions from 2015 Guild Wellbeing Survey
You said: "Please could we have more access to counselling"You said: "Please could you offer more opportunities on the St Luke's Campus"
We did: We worked with human resources and the wellbeing team to provide access for all Postgraduate Researchers to the 24 hour Care first telephone helpline available for all staff. PGRs can also access online support through Silvercloud - offering secure, immediate access to online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy programmes, tailored to your specific needs

Source: Suggestions from 2015 Guild Wellbeing Survey
We did: We worked closely with the Directors of Postgraduate Research and PGR Reps to adapt our programme and offer new sessions specifically for PGRs based at St Luke's. This has been well received and we continue to develop this aera of work. 

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