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Tremough Innovation Centre
University of Exeter
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Business Engagement

Our dedicated knowledge exchange team is part of the University’s Innovation, Impact and Business (IIB) department. IIB supports collaborations between businesses and University researchers through seven key innovation services:

  1. Business Engagement – highlighting opportunities available to businesses; developing research, development and innovation plans; matching people with expertise; monitoring progress; signposting to other business supporting services when necessary.
  2. Knowledge Transfer – supporting collaborations between businesses, the public sector and higher education or further education institutions through meetings, events, workshops, consultancy, contracted research or provision of professional services.
  3. Placements – facilitating collaborative research, joint projects or placements with undergraduate or masters students, and more in-depth collaborations involving PhD studentships, post-doctoral researchers or research assistants.
  4. Networking – facilitating interaction and collaboration with local, national and international stakeholder networks.
  5. Research – helping with funding applications and project management, as well as with the reporting and auditing of UK, European and international research projects and economic development projects related to Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.
  6. Development – helping with access to commercialisation know-how, including intellectual property expertise, guidance and advice when bringing products or services to the market.
  7. Impact Assessment – calculating likely socio-economic benefits, such as job creation, new products being brought to market, profitability and skills development.

The ESI is an integral part of the Growth Hub Network, which consists of local public/private partnerships led by the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly (CIoS) Local Enterprise Partnership. The CIoS Growth Hub joins up national and local business support so it is easy for businesses to find the help they need

We are keen to partner with industry, charities, academia, investors, policy-makers and thought leaders regardless of their sector. We are interested in pursuing collaborations around the world in order to further expand our extensive and highly skilled network of experts.