Key people

Project Manager:

Richard Pitman
Project Manager


July 2019 - work begins to replace the roof

Early September 2019 - work to replace the roof is complete

Clayden re-roofing project

Project overview

The planned project will see the roof replaced on the Clayden building. The roof has reached the end of its useful life, and a decision has been take to replace it now. The work involves stripping the tiles off the roof and replacing these, as well as making any necessary repairs to the timber and leadwork along the way. This project follows on from the refurbishment and extension of the building, which was completed in April 2018 to provide computational teaching space and accommodation for the Q-Step Centre.  The work will see scaffolding erected on Monday 15 July 2019, with works starting shortly after this date. We hope to have the works finished by the beginning of September 2019. The Public right of Way running alongside the Clayden Building will be unaffected by this work.