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Project Manager
Andy Coleman MRICS


June 2018 - work starts

Dec 2018 - completion


Physics Tower Maintenance

External scaffolding continues to be erected at the base of the Physics tower and preparations are underway with the contractor to ready the site to commence construction work on Monday 30 July.

Work will take place in three phases encompassing two floors at a time. During each phase, colleagues on each of the two floors affected will relocate to alternative office and teaching space for an estimated period of up to six weeks.

Decant accommodation includes a mix of existing offices and temporary space. All colleagues that are required to relocate should now be aware of their decant locations, move dates and moving arrangements. The process of moving from offices is being managed by an external removal company and each office will be visited to confirm exact requirements for furniture and removal. Colleagues will have received crates in which to place personal belongings and any materials they wish to take with them. All chairs, desk drawers, IT equipment and phones will be transferred to the relevant temporary accommodation. Full WiFi and data facilities will be available and the IT team are working to ensure specialist technical requirements are managed and transferred.  

Parking will not be available in the rear Physics car park from Monday 6 August, and due to health and safety, the covered bike rack area to the side of the Physics building will no longer be accessible. This will be removed during the construction work and replaced with a new facility once the work is complete.

To ensure the safety of building users, pedestrians wishing to access the temporary accommodation to the rear of the building will be directed to use the internal corridor and exit to the rear of the main block, or to use the higher path that runs along the side of the building just below the Sports Park. Diversions will be in place. The existing accessible parking space will be relocated, adjacent to the rear door, to keep it away from the contractor’s activities.

Decant timeline:  

Mon 4 June

Contractor site set up and scaffolding - loss of parking to side of building

Thurs 26 – Fri 27 July

Phase One begins - Decant floors 3 and 7 (academics into LSI, PGRs into Physics room 124). Contractors begin work

Mon 6 August

Set up of temporary office accommodation – parking lost in rear car park

Sat 1-Sun 2 Sept

Floors 3 and 7 move back – all UGF teaching areas handed back

Phase two begins - Decant floors 5 and 6 (temporary offices in rear car park)

Weds 17 – Thurs 18 Oct

Floors 5 and 6 move back

Phase three begins - Decant floors 2 and 4 (temporary offices in rear car park)

Thurs 29 – Fri 30 Nov

Floors 2 and 4 move back

Mid Dec – early Jan

Scaffolding removed and work complete

Essential repairs and improvement works are scheduled to take place on the Physics tower block, Streatham campus, from April to November during the 2018/19 academic year (dates to be confirmed)

There is a need to update the exterior of some of the tower block and to install new windows throughout the building which will help to extend the life of one of our most prominent features on Streatham campus and provide an enhanced working environment for students and staff using the building. This work will improve ventilation and thermal performance within the building, and will provide new automated double glazed windows with a manual override, much better suited to the needs of building users.

Work will also be undertaken on the roof of the tower block to add insulation and renew the roof coverings which will decrease our carbon emissions and reduce energy costs.

In order to safeguard the research activity taking place, the Estate Services team have been undertaking tests to explore how noise and vibrations travel throughout the tower block and adjacent building. Noise monitoring will continue to take place throughout the duration of the works, and monitoring points both inside and outside the building will be in place to ensure any disruption to research activity and teaching is kept to a minimum wherever possible.

Through the construction work, weekly meetings will take place between the contractor, Estate Services project manager and Physics representatives to deal with any issues and outline the work planned for the following week. These details will be circulated and published on this website.

A representative from each floor within the Physics tower will attend these meetings. These ‘floor champions’ will feedback any concerns or questions from colleagues to the project group to ensure any issues can be resolved quickly. Please contact your floor champion if you have anything you wish to raise.

Floor champions:

-          Emma Way (floors 4-5)

-          Alex Corbett (Mezzanine – floor 2)

-          Srivastava, Gyaneshwar (floor 3)

-          Bill Barnes (floor 6)

-          Eric Hebrard (floor 7)

-          David Colridge General enquiries -


The Estate Services team are working closely with colleagues in CEMPS to ensure the project runs smoothly and the impact of the work is managed carefully and considerately.

All works will be undertaken by a third party contractor and their nominated sub-contractors, and as part of the tender process, there will be clear restrictions and constraints on methods of construction outlined to ensure the disruption to building users is limited.

If you have any immediate questions, please email Lisa Littlechild.