The UK left the EU at 11pm on Friday 31 January, and is now in a transition period until 31 December 2020. An 11-month transition period has now come into force, giving time for negotiations over the future relationship between the UK and EU. During this time, EU nationals will be able to travel to and from the UK and continue with or start University study. 

EU/EEA/Swiss nationals resident in the UK before 1 January 2021

All EU/EEA and Swiss nationals currently living in the UK (including students) are able to apply for pre-settled or settled status through the EU Settlement Scheme. If you plan to live, study, or work in the UK past 31st December 2020, you’ll need to make an immigration application under the EU Settlement Scheme before that date.
As long as you are resident in the UK prior to 1st January 2021, you will be able to leave and re-enter the UK freely before this date and still be able to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme.

• You can apply for the scheme regardless of the length of your course or how long you intend to stay in the UK. Students that have lived in the UK for less than 5 years, will be granted ‘pre-settled’ status.
• To be granted settled status you’ll need to show that you’ve lived in the UK for five years. If you’re granted ‘pre-settled’ status, you’ll be able to switch to settled status once you’ve been resident in the UK for five years
• The EU Settlement Scheme is open to EU citizens who have a valid biometric passport or national ID card
• If you have family member(s) who also live in the UK but are not EU nationals, they can also apply under the scheme; they will need to hold a biometric residence card
• Applications are free and are usually processed quickly
You do not need to apply under this scheme if you are an Irish citizen as your rights to travel to and remain in the UK are protected under the Common Travel Area agreement.

The final deadline for applying under this scheme will be 30 June 2021.

International Student Support can help you to make your EU Settlement Scheme application. Detailed information about eligibility and applying for the EU Settlement Scheme is on their website. You can access live and recorded webinars, application guides, online advice sessions and longer appointments with an adviser.

EU nationals entering the UK for the first time after 31 December 2020

EEA nationals will be able to freely enter the UK until 31st December 2020. If you enter before this date and want to remain in the UK after you will need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme, outlined above.

From 1st January 2021, any EEA national coming to the UK to study will need to apply for a visa. The type of visa you will need to apply for will depend on the length of the programme that you are studying. Details of the UK’s immigration routes and how to apply for them can be found in our visa information pages. International Student Support provide live and recorded webinars, online advice sessions, and individual advice to students applying for visas. You can access their service online.

Page last updated: 16/10/2020