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Brexit: what does it mean for research and researchers at the University?

The University of Exeter strongly supports academics continuing to apply to the Horizon 2020 Research and innovation programme.

The current situation with eligibility for UK applicants in connection with BREXIT is as follows:

  • We remain eligible to apply until the withdrawal date of 29 March 2019 as we are still a Member State until that date.

    In the event that we leave the EU without signing the Withdrawal Agreement now tabled, the UK government has agreed to underwrite the cost of our participation in all Horizon 2020 projects, including any applications made up to the deadline for which the result is not yet known. To support this, UKRI are collating data and preparing systems on all current live EU projects so that this can be achieved.

  • The tabled EU Withdrawal Agreement contains provisions for the UK to continue to bid for and participate in Horizon 2020 projects until the close of the programme on 31 December 2020, after we leave the EU on 29 March 2019. So if tabled Agreement is signed, we will continue to be eligible to apply and be funded throughout the programme period completely as normal.

  • Finally, in the event that the Withdrawal Agreement is not signed, the UK Government has also confirmed that it would provide domestic funds for our continued participation in Horizon 2020 projects, even in such a ‘no deal’ scenario. This would mean that we can continue to apply as partners in collaborative projects, but we would bring our own UK Government funds to an application and receive no money directly from the Horizon 2020 programme.

Further information and support

If you have queries, please do not hesitate to contact our EU/International team leads

Sarah Hill: 01392 726206

Enda Clarke: 01392 723744

The EU/International team can be contacted through and will be pleased to support you with any Horizon 2020 applications.