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A Team Building Event Can Boost Your Business

It may come as no surprise to you, but here at Event Exeter we are seeing increasing numbers of teams coming through our doors, in an attempt to regroup.

Let’s picture the average office environment today. Endless emails, back to back meetings, co-workers passing like ships in the night. Sound all too familiar?! We continue on the treadmill and assume that we are working towards the same objectives and goals.


Tai Chi NationRemove that same team of people from their chaotic work environment and transport them to a unique venue, let’s say the University of Exeter for argument’s sake, neutral territory, tranquil surroundings and plenty of space to think. Here’s where the fun begins and these people can rediscover their qualities, realign with each other and remember how it feels to succeed as a team.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, that’s the beauty of the University campus. With a state of the art sports park, a portfolio of unique meeting venues and stunning botanical gardens, the options are endless. Throw in a lunch at Reed Hall and everyone’s a winner.



Taking staff away from their daily hectic environment to an alternative meeting venue demonstrates that as a business you are willing to invest in your people. It creates a positive vibe and in turn makes individuals feel valued and worthy.

Team Building

Whatever the activity may be, it gives staff the opportunity to rediscover the positive effects of team collaboration.  And what better confidence booster than rediscovering that feeling of team success?


Working as a team with different people to achieve non-work related goals can stimulate new ways of thinking and encourage creativity that can be hidden away in the workplace.

Take the classic egg drop activity. Each team must create a package capable of protecting an egg when being dropped from a substantial height. Apart from promoting team work and communication, the activity aims to generate creative thinking and novel ‘out of the box’ approaches towards problem solving.


With a fully protected egg still intact and a motivated team to go with it, what happens next? Having encouraged collaborative thinking and reinforced your teams trust in one another, it’s now time to take those skills and transfer them into the workplace.

Maybe take some time to evaluate after the activity. Get your team to think about the work environment and the business objectives. Can the current processes and procedures in place be improved now that the importance of team work has been highlighted?


Event Exeter can help arrange a variety of motivational activities, alongside a range of suitable venues in the heart of Exeter.

Whether its mini Olympics, a treasure hunt or simply traditional problem solving activities, your team will appreciate the investment and your business will reap the rewards.

Take a look at Event Exeter’s portfolio of venues at and find the perfect location for your next team building event.

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