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A week in the life of the Great Hall

Welcome to the Great Hall

When you hear the name ‘Great Hall’ you probably immediately think of a large majestic hall fit for infrequent formal affairs. The chances are it conjures up images of impressive ball gowns, carefully polished silverware and mouth-watering cuisine. What doesn’t immediately spring to mind is some kind of sport club taking place, or even a group of young adults being inspired to plan their educational future.

Indeed there is more to The University of Exeter’s Great Hall than meets the eye. For us to grasp the secrets behind the Great Hall’s doors, let’s turn our attention to the end of last year and see what an average week in the life of the Great Hall is really like. During the November week in question, the Event Exeter team were quietly beavering away to help create the magic that goes on inside the Great Hall.

Thursday: Indulge in some culture

Let’s start with Thursday the 26th November, when the Great Hall welcomed the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra to the stage, proving that the Great Hall, like us, enjoys a bit of culture.

With over 50 years of live performances at the Great Hall, the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra have continually been providing over 1400 guests at a time with world-class music in the Great Hall. The concert guests also get the opportunity to feel the charm of the Great Hall and see what a versatile place it can be.

Friday: Celebrate your successgreat hall blog

The following day brought us to the annual Venus Awards where the Great Hall was transformed from a concert hall to a stunning back drop fit for a formal dinner and awards ceremony.

Like the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, the Venus Awards are regular visitors of the Great Hall and know there is more to this hall than you’d first think. The Great Hall was honoured to play host to the Venus Awards which applauded the achievements of local business women. The beautifully dressed Great Hall provided the perfect backdrop for the guests to enjoy a delicious banquet and celebrate the success of the nominees.

Saturday: Broaden your horizons

Saturdays usually provide a break from school worries, but this weekend saw a crowd of sixth form students using the Great Hall to think about their post-school education during the Exeter Student Progression Conference.

The annual conference gives a select number of sixth form students from the South West an insight into university life, as well as allowing them to develop a knowledge and passion for a subject of their choice. Who’d have thought that this would all be going on in the Great Hall on a Saturday?

Tuesday: Release some tension

Finally let’s end with Tuesday 1st December which was one of the more remarkable events of this week.  In contrast to the previous events, the Great Hall greeted a group of amateur boxers (all in white collar professions) to take to the ring and try white collar boxing- once again demonstrating the versatility of the Great Hall. Research tells us that it’s absolutely important to unwind after a day of work, and do something fun that will get your heart pumping. What better place to do this than at Exeter’s Great Hall?

For quite an unusual occasion which doesn’t necessarily fit the stereotype of a Great Hall event, it was a huge success. With ample space and an easy location why wouldn’t you consider using the Great Hall for some kind of sport activity?

And relax…

And so, what happens inside the Great Hall’s walls is probably more surprising than you’d expect. Who knew that that the Great Hall could host all of these impressive events? Plus, the quick turnaround in room layout for each event clearly reflects Event Exeter’s strong dedication to event management and surpassing clients’ expectations.

So, what do you want from the Great Hall? No matter what your event is, the chances are the University of Exeter’s Great Hall is the place to choose.

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