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Exeter’s Hidden Secrets – Do You Dare Visit This Summer?

A City Break With An Eery Twist

For many, the perfect city break conjures up images of leisurely lunches and afternoon strolls, and let’s not rule Exeter out on this front. But, as a city steeped in history and secrets, there is so much more than meets the eye.

Book a city break in Exeter with us and you’ll be just minutes away from legends and myths a plenty. Here are just a few to keep your imagination ticking over,,,,

Cathedral Green And Beyond

Sadly, in 2016 we had the great fire of the Royal Clarence Hotel, thought to be Britain’s oldest recorded hotel, not quite the Great Fire of London but still a tragic event that locals will remember as a devastating loss of history. What  about the hidden history of the rest of the City? There are so many secrets to Exeter’s past…..

Exeter  – The Ghosts, Ghouls And The Unexplained

The Well House Tavern was just next door to the Royal Clarence Hotel. Crowds of people frequented this cosy tavern, totally oblivious to what lied beneath. If you ventured down the narrow, cold, stone staircase you would reach the original well and the bones of a young girl that  local residents like to call Lucy. There are many theories as to who the bones belong to, but many believe they are of a teenage girl that was a victim of the Black Death.

As well as these bones, the beautiful Cathedral green hosts many hidden secrets of Exeter’s past –

  • The spirits of John and Mary have been felt by many within the archway of  ASK Restaurant
  • A mysterious teddy bear glimpsed in a window of a residents home,that appears to move to a different location each night
  • The horse and cart that can be seen galloping across the cathedral yard on certain nights of the year
  • The doors that swing open on their own above Thorntons chocolate store.

Red coat tours and underground passages

Exeter Red Coat Guided Tours feature a dedicated Ghost and Legends Tour, which will really set the  goosebumps going with the stories of Exeter’s darkest past.

Explore some of the key secrets of the City for yourself in the Underground Passages Take a peek underneath this wonderful city that has lived through wars and sieges, plague and pestilence.

Affordable overnight accommodation

If you’re not too spooked and you fancy an insight into more, why not book your Exeter city break with us at the University of Exeter.

Our budget-friendly accommodation is available to book between 20 June and 11 September 2018, with the best competitive rates available when booking online direct or by calling the team on 0300 555 0214.

Go on – be brave!


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