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Live Streaming and Compostable Cutlery: All in a day’s work for Event Exeter

If you’re attending a global talk by leading thinkers, you might assume that the packaging of the day’s lunch is at the bottom of the priority list.

Not at a TEDx talk.

Single-use plastics was a main theme of TEDxExeter 2018, held on Friday 20th April at Exeter Northcott theatre and watched by a combined audience of more than 900 people in the Forum Alumni Auditorium.

Responsible Conferencing

To complement the talk by young campaigners Amy and Ella Meek on becoming plastic clever, reusable water bottles from Give Me Tap and TEDxExeter were handed to all attendees with South West Water providing a bowser to fill them, saving thousands of plastic cups at the event.

The lunch of fresh salad and fruit, which was served in the Terrace Restaurant, was presented to attendees in biodegradable boxes with compostable vegware cutlery. Compostable hot drinks cups were also used for the refreshment breaks.

Ideas Worth Spreading

Claire Kennedy, licensee and curator of TEDxExeter, said: “Ideas worth spreading are at the heart of TEDxExeter, and our talks have now been viewed 18.5 million times online – ideas from Exeter reaching the world.”

“It was amazing to see the speakers reaching out personally to our communities and exploring their themes in more depth. The reaction from the audience, and Exeter as a whole, has been wonderful and we look forward to seeing the ripple effects from this year’s event for many months, or even years, to come.”

Sustainable Events

Sustainability is in fact a huge priority for Event Exeter and we are always looking for ways to help clients run responsible events on campus. With talks already underway for a TEDxExeter event next year, watch this space for more leading ideas discussion.

If you’re interested in making your event green, talk to the Event Exeter team on 0300 555 0214 or at

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