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Documenting and Archiving Kurdish Oral Heritage

Organisers: Dr Farangis Ghaderi and Dr Joanna Bochenska

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Nadîre Güntaş Aldatmaz: Nasnameyo Kollektîf û Folklor (Collective Identity and Folklore)

Mehmet Gültekin: Dengbêjên herêma Serhedê û komkirina berhemên wan (The dengbêjs of Serhad and collecting their works)

Nadire Güntaş Aldatmaz is the author of five monographs on Zazaki oral literature. She holds MA in Kurdish language from Mardin Artuklu University and PhD in communication studies from Ankara University. Her doctoral research was entitled "The Disappearance of Community Languages and Communication: The Zazaki Case". Her main field of interests are culture and folklore of Zaza Kurds.

Mehmet Gültekin is the author of six monographs on Kurdish oral tradition and history as well as several articles on the same subject. He holds MA in philology from Johann Wolfgang Goethe University and currently works as a translator in Germany.

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