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Speaker: Dr Liam Gearon (University of Oxford) - Title: On Holy Ground

The title is a book published in July 2013.

Dr Gearon will outline the theoretical framework behind his latest book. In the seminar paper Liam will review the thesis outlined, tracing the diverse epistemological grounds sought by modern religious education, including: philosophy, theology and religious education; the natural sciences and religious education; the social sciences and religious education; psychology, spirituality and religious education; phenomenology and religious education; the politics of religious education; the aesthetics of religious education.

Event details

Dr_Liam_Gearon.pdfDr Liam Gearon's Biography and Abstract (218K)
Dr_Liam_Gearon_ON_HOLY_GROUND_EXETER_26_NOVEMBER_2013.pdfDr Liam Gearon Powerpoint Presentation (507K)


Baring Court 114