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Speaker: Professor Adrian Holliday (Canterbury Christ Church University) Title: Developing an action theory for intercultural communication: evidence, applications and politics

I shall consider how reconstructed ethnographic narratives contribute to a social action theory for intercultural communication.

The narratives demonstrate a level and type of evidence which is hard to collect in traditional forms of research. They show the everyday details of how people construct culture, subscribe to different discourses of culture, and represent underlying universal cultural processes which can be applied to any local or foreign setting. Some of the discourses are however prejudicial and destructive, and show how we can all fall into culture traps of the type which underpin world conflict.

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Professor_Adrian_Holliday.pdfProfessor Adrian Holliday's Biography and Abstract (202K)
Professor_Adrian_Holliday.pdfProfessor Adrian Holliday's PowerPoint Presentation (411K)


Baring Court 114