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Speaker: Professor Matt Baillie Smith (Northumbria University) Title: International development and development education: instrumental, everyday and co-produced solidarities

Critical scholarship on solidarity to re-think recent trends

This paper uses critical scholarship on solidarity to re-think recent trends in development education and global citizenship education policy and practice. I use a hopeful lens to argue that a focus on development educations capacity to mobilise new development knowledges reveals a role for it in shaping a new language and practice of international development and citizenship that moves beyond established spatial imaginaries of rich and poor. (More on the abstract is available in the attached document).

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Professor_Matt_Baillie_Smith.pdfProfessor Matt Baillie Smith's Biography and Abstract (200K)
Professor_Matt_Baillie_Smith_s_PowerPoint_Presentation.pdfProfessor Matt Baillie Smith's PowerPoint presentation (1212K)


Baring Court 114